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Chris Hardwick set to host Talking Dead spinoff on AMC

Published on March 1st, 2017 | Updated on March 1st, 2017 | By FanFest

Fans of Talking Dead are in for a treat as Chris Hardwick has just been named the host of a spinoff coming to AMC that focuses on more than just the undead. The Talking spinoff was announced Wednesday as an hour-long weekly series that will focus on all of pop culture. Talking Dead was a wildly successful idea, not just because of it’s content, but because of Chris Hardwick himself.

Joel Stillerman, as reported by, said this of the network’s decision to have Chris host the new series.

“Chris Hardwick is just the ultimate fan guide, advocate, and conversationalist. He took our desire to serve the fans of The Walking Dead with an hour of discussion and analysis following each new episode and turned it into the #1 talk show on television, and a model that has been widely emulated but never quite duplicated because Chris is the key. Between ‘Talking Dead,’ his podcast and panel moderation at events like Comic-Con, there is just no one better at drawing out guests’ humanity, celebrating content, and serving fans. We are looking forward to expanding our relationship with Chris through this new version of ‘Talking’ that will allow him to do what he does best – give our viewers a front row seat to some of the biggest topics in pop culture today and a host who has an incomparable affinity for the content they love.”

As fans might have already guessed, Talking Dead often has the highest rating of late night shows across the board. Not only is it aired directly after one of the most successful shows on television, it’s a show dedicated to exploring one of the biggest staples to pop culture right now. With the new Talking series, there’s no limit to topics covered or viewers that will inevitably tune in.

Chris himself is excited about the new series because of how much he enjoys hosting Talking Dead.

Talking will have the skin of Talking Dead, the soul of the Nerdist podcast and the guts of a Comic-Con panel. I have loved learning how to do a talk show these last six years on Talking Dead, but am eager to expand the format into other areas of pop culture.”

Talking Dead brings in an array of celebrity guests each week, it’s likely that the new Talking series will follow suit, and with everything from superheroes to villains and even more of the undead – not just the brain-eating zombies – we’re excited to see what will be brought to our screens.

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