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Chris Evans to Bullying Victim Keaton Jones: ‘Don’t Let Them Make You Turn Cold’

Published on December 11th, 2017 | Updated on December 11th, 2017 | By FanFest

There are some superheroes that take on the role of an idol both on screen and off. From their charitable acts and using their platform for good to putting on a cape and shield and saving the world; they seem to do it all. While that, in itself, is important – what’s even more meaningful is that they do it without asking for a thing in return. Not recognition, not gratitude, just because it’s in their hearts to spread kindness.

One of those people is Chris Evans, Marvel’s Captain America. Not only does he encompass what Captain America stands for on screen, he’s a force for good in his day to day life as well. You can’t be a fan of Evans and not be inspired by him.

So when a young bullying victim named Keaton Jones went viral, it came as no surprise that Chris took note. The video brought us all to tears, and it clearly moved many celebrities too.

First and foremost, Chris told Keaton to stay strong. Then, he invited Keaton and his mom to LA for the big premiere of Avengers: Infinity War after reminding him that it’s important not to let the unkindness of bullies hinder his own heart.

See what we mean? Chris is easily one of the kindest and most compassionate people in the business. So with Captain America on his side, we think Keaton Jones will be feeling a bit more prepared to encounter any hardships in the future.

Hopefully, not just those who bullied Keaton, but those who spread unkindness everywhere will see this outpouring of love and light and choose to share in positivity from now on. If that’s easier said than done, however, there will always be people who choose to do good, and they’ll always speak louder.


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