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Chris Evans Offers His Sage Advice to Newcomers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Chris Evans, who has turned down the role of Captain America on numerous occasions owing to a fear of being typecast as an action hero, but was convinced by his mother that the potential payoff would be worth the risk, is in an excellent position to offer advise on Marvel’s Cinematic Universe challenges, difficulties, and pressures.

The actor has developed into the beating heart of the entire Infinity Saga, with his recurring job as a star-spangled Avenger boosting his name value and fame, allowing him greater risk-taking freedom and box office bankability.

Chris Evans Offers His Sage Advice to Newcomers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Of course, not everyone is able to join the MCU and have a role to play that is anywhere near as important as Evans’, but during an interview with Cheddar News, he offered up some good words of wisdom for anyone who wishes to come and play in Kevin Feige‘s sandbox.

“Enjoy it, have fun. It’s nice when you’re making movies and there’s this baked in the cake fanbase. People who are really excited to see the work because they’re deeply connected to the character. It’s really special for them. It adds a lot of pressure. But, its a real joy when it works out and there’s a giant community you’re welcomed into. So, enjoy it.”

As one of the most pleasant and healthy celebrities in Hollywood, any up-and-coming or established talent considering joining the MCU should consider what Evans has to say, and all they have to do is look at how his career was rejuvenated by doing so.

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