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Chris Evans Admits That Even Superheroes Have Anxiety

Chris Evans recently sat down with Rolling Stone, in an honest interview, and opened up about his social anxiety. While it’s easy to relate Chris to his character Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, and envision life for him being quite easy to navigate – fame is something Chris has yet to, and probably won’t ever, be totally comfortable with.

Chris’ social anxiety seems to be at it’s highest when he’s got a red carpet event, so for Captain America: Civil War, he had to prepare himself to be able to debut that stunning smile and seemingly effortless confidence on the red carpet.

“A red carpet lasts, what, 30 minutes tops? But that to me is like 30 minutes of walking on hot coals. It’s not like a junket – junkets you sit in a room and they bring ’em in. I can do that all day and not have a meltdown. But the premiere – that’s overwhelming. It’s the volume of it: You’re in the center of this thing. You can fight a whole army if they line up one at a time. But if they surround you, you’re fucked.”

Even Chris’ confidence in playing Captain America didn’t blossom overnight; as a matter of fact, he turned down the role multiple times before accepting it. From promo tours to corporate tie-ins, and the demand of 9 films being cut down to 6, Chris was being asked to do way more than simply being the man behind the shield. The thought made him anxious to take on not just the role but the persona of Steve Rogers, on top of that; there existed the fear of losing the parts of himself that he’s kept out of the spotlight to this point – it was a lot to take in.

Chris’ mom was at his home for the Rolling Stone interview and commented that her son was “super private”.  Interestingly enough, fans of Captain America, as well as some of the cast that works with Chris on set believe that these traits actually brought a differen depth to Steve than he would have been given had another actor played him. Scarlett Johansson believes Chris makes Captain America more relatable.

“There’s a sort of a loneliness about the way that Chris plays [Cap] that I think is very touching. He has a kind of longing, self-searching quality that Chris has given him – like he’s struggling with something maybe all of us are struggling with.”

For fans of both Captain America and Chris Evans, it’s nice to see American’s superhero
show off some very human tendencies concerning his struggles, anxiety, and how desperately he wishes to hold onto what makes him human. While many people have dreams of the big leagues, they also have reserves that make them wonder if they could make it all come true – Chris is standing proof that it’s possible.

Eventually, Chris will retire the shield and make his way towards different roles, but the soul he brought to Captain America will always be important to Marvel fans, as will his honesty. You can read Chris’ interview with Rolling Stone to read more about Captain America and what the future may hold.

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