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Check out the Transporter Room in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

Published on June 24th, 2017 | Updated on June 24th, 2017 | By FanFest

Fans who have been anxious to get a look at Star Trek: Discovery were in luck today when we got some behind the scenes photos from the series set 10 years before the original series. Discovery is set to premiere on September 24th, which isn’t far away now at all. The series will focus on two Starships, the Discovery and the Shenzhou, with the Discovery being a newer model and the Shenzhou being a bit older.

Entertainment Weekly points out that the scene in the photo is taken upon the Shenzhou and shows the transporter bay. The design is unlike anything Star Trek fans have seen before but don’t worry if the look isn’t aesthetically pleasing to you, EW says the transporter bay in the U.S.S Discovery is very different.

If you love this new design, great, it’s in the show. If you don’t, hold that thought, because the transporter bay in the U.S.S. Discovery is very different from this one (and has not yet been seen).’

Great Unifiers are few and far between, but they do come. Often such leaders will need a profound cause for their followers.

The trailer looks amazing and we’re really excited to get a look at Discovery now and for the series. A well-done prequel can enhance movies or series’ we’ve seen, regardless of how many times we’ve watched them, and we have a feeling that’s what Discovery will do.

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