Check Out Darkseid’s Omega Beam!

Justice League: Snyder Cut is coming out in just a few days! This Thursday will release the first hour of the long-anticipated film! We’ve been hearing news non-stop over the last few weeks and all of it sounds pretty positive. Some people even got to stream the film a little early, since it kinda leaked by mistake. It’s not all bad though, since apparently, yeah… The Snyder Cut is everything we want it to be. I’ve been excited about it just to see Darkseid since that was one of my own disappointments with Justice League. A whole film with the Justice League uniting and no Darkseid in sight? That should have been completely illegal. At least it’s being fixed now. The newest, and final, trailer for the Snyder Cut released and gave us our best look at Darkseid yet! Check out Darkseid’s Omega Beam, guys!

Darkseid is certainly scarier than Steppenwolf ever was, and I can’t wait! I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to see Darkseid duke it out with the League in live-action! We are only two days away from being able to witness the Snyder cut for ourselves, provided one owns HBO Max of course! Justice League: Snyder Cut is an edit of the existing Justice League film, for those who don’t know. It’s going to take the film and use more of the footage from Zack Snyder’s time on set. In fact, Snyder has stated that he is using almost no Joss Whedon footage. This means we’ll have plenty of new footage to obsess over as soon as we can see the film released!

Justice League: Snyder Cut will be available on March 18 on HBO Max. At least, the first of four parts will be! Are you as excited as we are to finally see the Snyder Cut? Let us know in the comments below what you think! Did you check out Darkseid’s Omega Beam?

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