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‘Chased’ to Premiere at Seattle Cinerama, Seattle’s most ‘Epic Theater’

Published on October 20th, 2019 | Updated on October 20th, 2019 | By FanFest

Seattle, WA – If there is one thing that I truly enjoy, as you may have gathered from my past articles, it is the art of film. Yes, you read that correct, I view all film as an art. My favorite type of film, contrary to the beliefs of my family and friends, is not superhero flicks. I may cosplay as them, and I for sure have artwork of them hanging in my apartment, but if there is a film ‘type’ that I am absolutely in love with, it is the Independent Film Genre.

Independent Filmmakers are truly artists in their own way, and their creativity is unwavered. If you do your research, you will discover that a lot of independent filmmakers not only create their vision on their own, but they dedicate an incredible amount of their time and fundings to see their dreams come to life.

It is the ultimate dream of any filmmaker to have their film shown in a Cinematic Experience, with red carpets and spotlights. A dream to have that moment in complete glory and awe, to see your work on the big screen and say ‘Wow – that’s my project’ while hundreds of viewers get to view your masterpiece.

One of those Independent filmmakers who is seeing their dream come to life, is Allentown, PA Native Bruce Troxell. Bruce Troxell, writer and director of the film Chased, was filmed in and around the area of Seattle, Washington.

Image: Cloudmaker Pictures

Chased is a film about Sheriff ‘Wild Bill’ Hastings (played by Ray Hopper) who, after stumbling upon quite a few pieces of evidence that lead to suspicions of illegal activities in his woods, is pursued by a sophisticated band of moonshiners in the forests of Washington.

I’ve had several opportunities to speak with Bruce ‘Trox’ Troxell, and he shared with me that his inspiration for Chased had several parts to it.

“First, Sheriff “Wild Bill” was a tribute to my father. He was an actor playing the Sheriff named “Wild Bill” at a Las Vegas theme park back in the early 1980’s. He was very popular. Second, I love Robert Taylor in the TV series “Longmire”. Great show. Third, I wanted to showcase the beauty of Washington State. Fourth, I wanted a story that throws the audience for not one but two loops. The film starts out as a straight drama, then a comedy and finishes with a crazy twisted ending. All of us are happy with the finished product. We want to make that a trait of our films. You cannot predict how it will end.”

Sheriff ‘Wild Bill’ Hastings, played by actor Ray Hopper, is certainly in for the run of his life throughout the entire film. I have to say, Ray really dedicated himself entirely to that role. Ray did a phenomenal job through both his knowledge of law enforcement, but through his talents of method acting. Method Acting is one of the most challenging skills for an actor to master  – the ability to tell a story and express emotion without actually saying anything. I was highly impressed at how Ray accomplished this – especially since this was his very first role, but at no point and time did that show. Having seen much of his work, I will be the first to tell you that he is clearly passionate about what he does. Ray is by far one of the most passionate people that I have ever come across; both on and off screen. Ray’s continuous displays of indomitable will and the courage to chase after your dreams is something to be desired, and should absolutely be an inspiration for rising young actors to look up to. His consistent ‘Never Give Up’ attitude has certainly left quite a lasting impression on myself, as well as the film community. We look forward to seeing him in his upcoming projects (His Name Was Jason, Snow Falls, Capitol Murder) in the next few months.

Image: Cloudmaker Pictures

Ray really delves into his characters each and every time, something that takes much time, dedication and study for an actor; which they will always tell you. Recently, I asked Ray if there were any characteristics of himself that he saw in Sheriff Hastings:

“I honestly don’t find much that Sheriff Hastings and I DONT have in common. He’s very resourceful and patient (although he’s written a lot smarter than I am). We both share a sense of urgency and a genuine inquisitiveness about our immediate surroundings. I like to call it ‘Situational Awareness’. I learned it from being a police officer in the military, just like Director Bruce Troxell.”

Let me continue by saying, the incredible cinematography (captured by Rakesh Malik) was among some of things that I absolutely loved about this movie. I spoke with Rakesh about the importance of setting up the perfect shot, and it is clear that he is consistently dedicated to capturing the perfect picture.

“I aim to get every shot as close to the final intent as possible in camera rather than fixing it in post, and to do that it’s critical to know how to work with light. Getting it all right sets the mood for the story and complements the actors performances, and helps to draw the viewer into the story.”

I highly recommend Chased. It is truly a film that the entire family can enjoy through its intense and adventurous sequences of survival, mixed with a perfect balance of humor.

Image: Cloudmaker Pictures

Ironically, Chased will be having its world premiere on Saturday October 26th 2019 (7:00PM) at the Cinerama Theater (2100 4th Avenue) in Seattle, Washington. At 570 seats in the theater, the Cinerama is THE theater to have the ultimate film experience.

Attendees will be able to walk the red carpet and have their picture taken in front of the event backdrop. Recommended dress is formal, but is not required. Tickets to the event are $25.00 per person.

If you’re local to the Seattle area, or you just love to travel be sure to come out and be a part of the premiere. Cast and crew members from the film will be in attendance, and it is for sure to be an incredible event. 

I recently had the pleasure of viewing Chased for review and I enjoyed it through and through. I admire the work that Bruce Troxell and Rakesh Malik put together, and was drawn in by the incredible performance of Ray Hopper as the lead character. There were also some stellar performances in the film by actors Michael E. Bell, Troy Lund, Wan Aleman and Dave Wagner, who provided some spectacular entertainment that was truly a treat to enjoy. These gentlemen are actors I would also highly enjoy seeing projects from in the future, as they were also obviously dedicated to their character portrayal and development.


If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out the trailer for the film below:



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