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Charlie Cox Dishes ‘Daredevil’ Delights!

Published on August 15th, 2017 | Updated on August 15th, 2017 | By FanFest

Charlie Cox, best known for his role as Matt Murdock on the Netflix mega hit series Daredevil and soon to be released The Defenders, made a rare appearance this past weekend at Boston Comic Con (BCC). The devilishly handsome and charming Mr. Cox showed great appreciation for the multitude of enthusiastic fans waiting to meet him. Autographs, photo ops, and amusing anecdotes, Charlie Cox made it a Daredevil day to remember!

Charlie Cox, Daredevil, Defenders
Charlie Cox addressing fan questions during Daredevil panel. Credit: Linda Marie

Upon entering the convention floor, Mr. Cox’s ever expanding popularity was evident as crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of the Hell’s Kitchen hero. To avoid congestion, the numerous fans that purchased photo ops were directed to a special location to wait their turn. I must confess, I too was in that line absorbing the enthusiasm around me… for journalistic purposes of course. 😉 I could only smile as the young girl behind me kept exclaiming how she was going to pass out in anticipation of finally being face to face with her favorite actor. I was not able to see her interaction with Mr. Cox but, based on my own experience, I am sure she was thrilled. Not only did he welcome all his fans with open arms and a hug, he took the time to ask your name and exchange some kind words. A true gentleman indeed!

Charlie Cox, Daredevil, Defenders
Charlie Cox with a warm welcome for his fans during photo ops. (Fan Fest writer Linda Marie and author Tabitha Lord) Credit: Linda Marie

After photo ops concluded, Charlie was whisked away to the autograph area where even more fans were anxiously awaiting his arrival. With a sweet smile on his face, he provided an undeniably warm and approachable presence. Charlie made each individual feel less like a fan and more like a friend. I watched as he signed some beautiful pieces of Daredevil artwork and listened closely as he spoke in appreciation of it. He took the time to truly connect.

Charlie Cox, Daredevil, Defenders, JaCo Tartaruga
Charlie Cox all smiles as he autographs paintings by artist JaCo Tartaruga. Credit: JaCo Tartaruga / Linda Marie

An added highlight to Charlie Cox’s appearance at BCC was his participation in a lively Daredevil panel. The seating area was filled to capacity and I was fortunate to grab a front row seat as he humorously spoke about everything from role preparation to favorite filming moments. There was a definitive buzz in the air with fans just hoping for some exclusive information regarding the highly anticipated release of Netflix’s The Defenders due out THIS Friday. While Charlie could not divulge any Defenders specifics, he did happily address several questions from an inquisitive audience.

Charlie Cox, Daredevil, Defenders
A packed house as people line-up for Daredevil Q&A with Charlie Cox. Credit: Linda Marie

Charlie Cox divulges his favorite Daredevil episode.

Which of The Defenders is Daredevil’s favorite relationship?

Overwhelmed fan crosses paths with The Defenders team in NYC!

Master of Martial Arts? Hmmm.

Charlie Cox a thief? How daring!

Be sure to check out Charlie Cox back in action with The Defenders on Netflix August 18th!




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