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Chandler Riggs Discusses His Last ‘Walking Dead’ Episode

When The Walking Dead returns next month, we will sadly have to say goodbye to another major character: Carl Grimes. Yes, in a shocking turn of events, it was revealed in the mid-season finale that Carl had been bitten by a walker – which happened off-screen while he and Siddiq took on some walkers in the woods. Although Chandler Riggs has been very vocal about his departure from the show, he gave some more details to Entertainment Weekly, from his feelings about shooting his final episode along with what Carl’s death means for the story moving forward.

“It’s gonna be some of Carl’s final moments in the next episode. And though you can see that the story is coming to an end, he does have a lot to say because he’s been watching Rick over the last however many years, and has been learning from him and seeing every mistake that he’s made and every right decision. And he’s turned out to be a really well-shaped leader – kind of suited for this world and an icon for the new age. And so Carl’s just really going to be trying to teach Rick as much as he can.”

He went on to say that filming his final episode was “really emotional” and “bittersweet” before mentioning what mark Carl will leave on The Walking Dead. “[Carl’s] definitely leaving behind a really long-lasting legacy, which was the coolest part about playing those final moments – knowing that Carl was going to have a lasting impact on the story.”

Entertainment Weekly also released an illustration by artist Francesco Francavilla showing what may or may not be Carl’s funeral. The incredibly emotional artwork shows Carl laying in a wooden coffin, his trademark hat placed on top of his crossed arms; surrounding the coffin are Rick, Michonne, Carol, Daryl, Maggie, and Enid, with closed eyes but vivid expressions of mourning on their faces. Check it out below:

The Walking Dead’s mid-season premiere airs on February 25th at 9/8c.