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Chance The Rapper has Deafinitely Dope Interpreters for his Shows

Published on June 17th, 2017 | Updated on June 17th, 2017 | By FanFest

Chance The Rapper has announced that he’ll feature American Sign Language interpreters for the remainder of his tour.

Chance made the decision to add ASL interpreters “to help everybody experience the show.”

This past Thursday, June 14th, was the first concert to feature the interpreters in Tampa, Florida.

The interpreters Chance hired come from DEAFinitely Dope, founded by Matthew Maxey who’s hard of hearing and aims to unite the hearing and deaf communities through music and signing.

Chance announced the news on Twitter.

Kelly Kurdi, one of the interpreters, expressed her shock in Chance’s willingness to work with the organization. “We’ve all been close to tears since we met him, because we just can’t believe that he’s willing to provide interpreters on his own,” she said.

This is a pivotal moment in music history, as deaf individuals had to bring their own interpreters to shows in the past.

Hopefully his movement will inspire other artists to bring along interpreters because as Chance said at the end of this announcement,  “We just want to turn up!”

Chance has a few more concerts in his Spring Tour, so spread the word!

source: twitter


“We just want to turn up!”

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