Tom Hardy Role Confirmed For ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’

The news that Tom Hardy would have a role in Star Wars: Episode VIII is relatively new, and we now know exactly what that role will be. Hardy will play a First Order Stormtrooper who recognizes FN-2187 or, Finn. Finn will apparently be on a secret mission as a Stormtrooper but Hardy's character doesn't not realize it. He believes that FN-2187 is a spy for The First Order. Finn is surprised when he is let go by Hardy's character. Hardy's role is similar to Daniel Craig's appearance as a Stormtrooper in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Of course we never see their faces but it's still pretty cool!...

Will ‘The Walking Dead’ Pass the Comics?

Well with Game of Thrones is predicted to surpass their books very soon, it's worth thinking about whether or not The Walking Dead will do the same. TWD raced through 25 issues! It began in issue 75 and ended in the middle of issue 100 with Negan's entrance. And at this rate, the series will pass the comic books by season 9. Have no fear, Robert Kirkman is here! He eased our worries in the issue 154 "Letter Hacks" section when a fan asked "what the heck is gonna happen when the show is caught to the comics because that's happening very quickly!?"...
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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Recap ‘Captive’

On this past episode of 'Fear the Walking Dead', our survivors find out that there are real consequences to their actions more than ever before as new threats make themselves known. Up until now, finding a way to live in a world of flesh-eating monsters was the group's biggest problem, now they learn that people are just as dangerous. Of course, it's something we know far too well, but it is interesting to see which members of this group are stepping up to do what's necessary in order to survive....
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So since I wasn't able to recap the first two episodes of the CW's Containment, here's what has happened so far... So we start off with the pilot episode which opens to a group of national guardsmen entering pure chaos. Citizens are in a panic, screaming, crying and looting. We see many of the core characters in distress so obviously this is a flash forward of what is to come later. EPISODE 1 - DAY 1 - 'Pilot' Katie Frank (Kristen Gutoskie), a school teacher, takes her students, including her...
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