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‘iZombie’ Recap ‘The Hurt Stalker’

That YouTube chick, crazy ex-girlfriend has got nothing on Liv this week. TV’s favorite zombie is back at it again and this brain is bound to ruin her already rocky relationship with Major! But first, Clive’s former romance ends up dead, and all signs point to Clive as the killer. Oh, come on, really? Doubtful he’d be the one. He’s a cop for God’s sake-- don’t you think he’d do a little better at covering his tracks… well. The investigation, which everyone who knows Clive doesn’t believe in, begins and...
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‘Once Upon a Time’ Recap ‘Broken Heart’

If the title was any indication of the ride we were in for during this penultimate Once Upon a Time episode, you’d have guessed right-- that the fans were in for a whole world of heartbreak. We’ve been getting a good taste of Dark Emma since the return of the show this season, and this episode marked Dark Hook’s “reveal” if you will. The entire series of this show (yes, since we first saw Hook) I’ve been desperate to really see him be evil. It just felt right, and man,...
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