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Carol Was Nearly Killed on The Walking Dead

A story returned this week that Melissa McBride's character, Carol, was nearly killed off on AMC's The Walking Dead during Season 3. This story originally broke on The Walker Stalkers Podcast in January 2013 when Executive Producer and Director, Greg Nicotero, disclosed that it was Carol who was pegged to die but the writers decided to sacrifice IronE Singleton's character, T-Dog, instead! Thank goodness! Carol one of the greatest characters on the show. Melissa McBride is an amazing person and is deserving of the success she is receiving from portraying...
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‘The 100’ Recap: ‘Ye Who Enter Here’

This article contains full spoilers of the episode. I’m declaring this episode the best hour on TV to date. Kim Shumway, who wrote “Ye Who Enter Here” has done an impeccable job at capturing my attention and leaving me on the ground gasping for air. The Ice Nation is ruthless? No, Kim Shumway is. Everything hurts and I’m dead, speaking of dead, did you see that explosion? And I’m not just talking about the sexual tension between the leading ladies… but dude, an actual explosion! More on that later… I...
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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’

Supernatural Recap "Don't You Forget About Me" It’s old home week on this episode of Supernatural… “Don’t You Forget About Me” was a fun way to see Jodi Mills again, as her presence is one of the last few links to the Supernatural of the past. The boys being back in Sioux Falls and working with Jodi always makes me think of Bobby, and what almost was. Not to mention the fact that she is one of their last friends who is still breathing. In the last couple years, Jodi...
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Lauren Cohan Considered Leaving The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan Considered Leaving Appearing on February 11th's Inside The Actor's Studio on Bravo, AMC's The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan (Maggie) discloses that during the Season Three, when she learned that she must deliver Lori Grimes' baby and the fashion by which she must do it, she nearly considered leaving the show. “I went to Steven ’s door and I said, ‘I have to leave the show. I don’t think I can do it.’ It affects you so deeply to the core to touch on, to dive...
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‘iZombie’ Recap: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey Matter’

  Will they ever hone in on the fact that zombies exist? It seemed to be just within their grasp this episode but alas to no avail. Back talking, never gets caught Blaine was finally backed into a corner, or handcuffed to a table in an interrogation room, and I’m kind of glad. Although, assistant district attorney Peyton seems to be swapping spit with the wrong guy these days. Luckily she finds out who Blaine really is, but not before she slept with him! You could imagine her surprise and...
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‘Deadpool’ gets racy

The official Deadpool Twitter has released an awesome new campaign. If you are one to appreciate hidden jokes, and dry humor (in proper Deadpool fashion), you...
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