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‘Shadowhunters’ Recap: Blood Calls To Blood

Episode 11 puts everyone back in the real world after last episode’s questionable descent into madness, and viewers ought to be grateful for that. “Blood Calls To Blood” is a solid episode with significant plot revelations, deep character developments, and enough sarcastic quips to keep it from getting too heavy. There is a strong focus on relationships this time around, and some of the fan favorites definitely get their share of screen time. Fans of the books will be glad to see the plot making its way back to the...
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‘Damien’ Recap; ‘ The Deliverer’

We start with Detective Shay being very suspicious of how all of this insanity keeps happening centered around Damien. I have started referring to the rottwilers as hell hounds, because that is what they have to be right? Anyways there is a hell hound stalking Shay at the police station, but lets him leave unharmed. A dog has to keep track of threats! Picking up where the last episode ended Damien and Ann are in the super creepy shrine to Damien, there is a lot of back and forth between...
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Better Call Saul “Bali Ha’i” Review

You guys know the drill, SPOILERS ahead... When is a bright yellow coffee cup not a bright yellow coffee cup? When it's a gigantic metaphor for a shifty lawyer who can't fit in to his new digs. I will say there was something satisfying in seeing this neutered version of Jimmy snap and put a crowbar to that cup holder. Looks like it's safe to assume that Jimmy has reached his boiling point. The new job, the new car, Erin the babysitter, the watered down personality has finally taken its...
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Edward Nygma’s ‘Gotham’ Riddles Revealed

There has been a video released with all the riddels of Edward Nygma and, at the end of the video, there is new footage that shows he’s becoming the riddler sooner and sooner! What do you think that will happen next? Tell us! Gotham will air on Monday at 8:00 PM on Fox!...
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Zack Snyder explains why Grant Gustin isn’t his Flash

Last year when all of us fan boys and girls waited around for CW's The Flash to air, we got news from the DCCU overlord Zack Snyder that Ezra Miller would be playing the scarlet speedster in the cinematic universe. CW/DC Comics This was before we even officially met the TV universe Flash portrayed by the ever lovable Grant Gustin. Many fans were upset by the news and wanted to know why. The answer we were given from Snyder and many DC exects was that the cinematic universe was a...
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‘Supernatural’ Preview – ‘Safe House’

'Supernatural' Preview - 'Safe House'   Supernatural is finally back this week, and I for one am very excited! Any extended break from the brothers is never fun, and while reruns work for a time, there is nothing like a brand new episode to look forward too. But, when that new episode includes a familiar face, its just that much better.   Bobby is back this week in 'Safe House'! I am a big fan of Jim Beaver, and have missed him ever since his early demise way back when...
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