DareDevil ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’ Recap/Review

Ever wonder what happened to Wilson Fisk after the Season 1 finale? I know I sure did. In the opening minutes of 'Seven Minutes in Heaven', we catch up with the events that occurred after Fisk was sent off to prison. Fisk, to no surprise, sets his sights on taking down a particular prisoner named Dutton, who calls himself the 'kingpin' of the prison. Fisk has no trouble making friends, as he uses his lawyer and his prison best friend, Stewart, to perform favors for some of the other prisoners....
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‘iZombie’ Recap ‘Poor Some Sugar, Zombie’

This week’s episode of iZombie if by far the most entertaining of the season (so far). It was sneaky, and sharp and really kept the overall plot momentum going despite being case-centric. Episodes tend to vary, between plot development and figuring out the case, but the two seemed to work seamlessly and in tandem. There were laughs, tensions rising and Liv Moore giving her best a lap dance. What more could you want? Liv on Stripper Brains Can we please take a moment to commend the prop team, or crew,...

DareDevil ‘Guilty as Sin’ Recap/Review

Elektra and Matt are jumped by the Yakuza as they continue to make an attempt to figure out why the Japanese gang have their minds so set on seizing the building at 44th and 11th. Matt becomes fearful for a second, because he is unable to get a read on them as they are able to mask their heartbeat. Elektra tells Matt to focus on their weapons, since the Yakuza carry swords. During the fight, Elektra is slashed across her abdomen and is brutally injured. Matt attempts to help her,...
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Better Call Saul “Inflatable” Review

During last nights Better Call Saul I started to think about television spin-offs and how wildly unsuccessful they are. They mostly lack the charm and excitement of the original series and seem like a way for the studios to cash in on the brand. When Better Call Saul was announced I feared that it was going to go down the road of something like Joey (you remember the Friends spin-0ff with just Joey and none of the others. Good one NBC!) opposed to the Fraiser road (which in my mind...
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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap ‘The Brothers Jones’

Once Upon A Time has seemed to lost its way, a show that once captivated audiences, is falling a little bit short-- getting tripped up over itself and ultimately falling flat. Can it be redeemed? God, I hope so. What would life be like without the Charming’s, Evil Regina and Henry with some decent one-liners! For a show with good intentions, the goal is often missed. Like on this sub-par storyline revolving around defeating Hades and saving Killian. But, enough moaning. Let’s get to the episode. Cue Killian’s brother Liam,...

DareDevil ‘Semper Fidelis’ Recap/Review

Our opening sequence features multiple jurors giving their preexisting opinions that they hold for Frank Castle aka The Punisher. The jurors are pretty split, some of them calling him an animal while the rest call him a hero. Over 400 potential jurors came through the courtroom, and they finally settled on 12. The trial of The People vs Frank Castle begins. I have to say when they brought Frank into the courtroom, I got the chills. The footage itself combined with a fantastic acting presence and the dramatic music really...

DareDevil ‘Regrets Only’ Recap/Review

Picking up where we left off in the DareDevil episode 'Kinbaku', we know that DareDevil and Elektra are currently in hot water. With the Yakuza closing in on their position, Matt has no safe chance of escaping unless he teams up with Elektra, and fights off the Yakuza; against his will. They manage to take out the small squadron without much trouble. I do have to say, I love how the new DareDevil mask has the eyes that glow red. It really does add to that 'devil' effect. Matt and...
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‘iZombie’ Recap ‘He Blinded Me… With Science’

Zombie’s just wanna have fun! And talk about science? The return of iZombie from its brief hiatus was a great one. They really know how to give the audience a good time. I almost want to be a zombie. Well, almost. There were so many wonderful and laugh-inducing moments on this all new episode, so I’m just going to dive right in. Blaine is Back and Better then Before I have always been a fan of David Anders and this week he sure did deliver. After being killed, he rose...

DareDevil ‘Kinbaku’ Recap/Review

Last episode left us off with a cliff-hanger that gave us our first look at DareDevil's ex- girlfriend, Elektra. Elodie Yung joins the cast as the legendary heroine and I think she absolutely nailed it! Within the first few minutes we learn that Matt met Elektra 10 years ago at a high-class cocktail party that he and Foggy crashed. Elektra pretended to be Matt's date in order to prevent security from tossing him out of the party, literally. Fast forward to the future, and Elektra tells Matt that she needs...
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