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Gotham Character Spotlight: Oswald Cobblepot

Image: FOX From the moment he waddled onto our screen we loved him. Gone was the pudgy cartoonish Penguin from Batman stories past. Fox's Gotham took this legendary character and polished him up...slapped lipstick on the proverbial pig and gave us Robin Lord Taylor. I, for one, could not be happier about this more dapper rendition of Penguin. Simply put RLT owns this part. The hair, the walk...every last drop of it. With his portrayal of Penguin I actually like the character more. He seems more relatable with the less...
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EW Releases Portrait Gallery of Deceased The Walking Dead Characters

Today, Entertainment Weekly released a portrait gallery of deceased characters from The Walking Dead. These images were taken at Walker Stalker Con Orlando in June, 2015. Yesterday, they teased the gallery with a haunting photo of many cast members from the past. To see more images of EW's Deceased The Walking Dead Characters, Check out some of the photos below! Which character do you miss the most from this gallery?...
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HBO Reveals a Pictorial First Look at Game of Thrones Season 6

HBO Reveals a Pictorial First Look at Game of Thrones Season 6   Here in the western hemisphere, winter is more than halfway through, but in Westeros, it is on its way; or, at least it has been for five seasons now. With the highly anticipated season 6, I imagine that winter will finally fall upon the seven kingdoms and from what we know, its not going to be all ski slopes and hot totties by the fire. No, in Westeros, winter means death and lots and lots of White...
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Gotham Character Spotlight: Barbara Kean

Image: FOX If you are a follower of the Batman comics and stories then you know that Jim Gordon and Barbara Kean get married. If you are a watcher of Fox's Gotham you are aware that this is clearly not the case. After she is kidnapped in season 1 by The Ogre she has a major mental breakdown and turns into possibly the craziest ex- girlfriend one as ever seen (just think Fatal Attraction x 1,000). After admitting to killing her parents she is committed to Arkham Asylum. Barbara seems...
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