Chris Hardwick set to host Talking Dead spinoff on AMC

Fans of Talking Dead are in for a treat as Chris Hardwick has just been named the host of a spinoff coming to AMC that focuses on more than just the undead. The Talking spinoff was announced Wednesday as an hour-long weekly series that will focus on all of pop culture. Talking Dead was a wildly successful idea, not just because of it's content, but because of Chris Hardwick himself. Joel Stillerman, as reported by, said this of the network's decision to have Chris host the new series. "Chris Hardwick...

The 2017 Oscars Go “Back to the Future”

Now that the craziness of the Oscars fiasco has (somewhat) quieted down, we can take a step back and appreciate the snippets of the evening that may have fallen under the radar due to the Best Picture snafu. One of those snippets involved a throwback to 1985. Before going to a commercial break, host Jimmy Kimmel teased an appearance of one of the most famous cars in movie history. When the show returned, a score by Alan Silvestri began playing while a montage of scenes from Back to the Future...

San Diego Comic Con: Returning Registration Sale Coming SOON!!

GET READY!! If you attended San Diego Comic Con 2016 and are eligible to participate in the pre-sale, your wait is finally coming to and end. In a recent post by the TOUCAN blog on Comic Con International's official site, they announced all the information that  you will need when the sale date is official. We have all been waiting on pins and needles, especially because CCI decided to wait so long to have the pre-sale for returning attendees. For SDCC2016, the pre-sale took place in mid-November and the General...

FIRST LOOK: Rock band ‘Time King’ Pays Homage to 20th Anniversary of ‘Final Fantasy VII’

Gotta love a little bit of gaming and a little bit of rock n' roll mixed together right?! Founded by members Brandon Dove (guitar) and Shayne Plunkett (vocals/guitar), after meeting at a Berklee College of Music summer program, Time King has been actively carving a place for themselves in the prog rock scene. After months of virtual collaboration between Dove and Plunkett, through Skype, iMessage and any other means, in 2012 the band added vocalist Kalvin Rodriguez, bassist/producer James “Jimmy T” Meslin and drummer Matthew “Goose” Nazario to complete the...
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