Amber Heard Confirms Role as Mera Queen of Atlantis

It was rumored earlier this year that Amber Heard was in talks to play Aquaman's incredibly awesome wife Mera. While speaking with ET she not only confirmed the role in Justice League Part One and the solo Aquaman movie, but she discussed her costume! "It's interesting. It's like, half suit of armor, half scales," Heard revealed. "It's strange... We're in the process of building it now, so it's coming along." DC Comics What she describes there in reality is probably a little strange, but it sounds spot on to how...

New X-Mean Apocalypse Trailer and More

Well what an unexpected Saint Patrick's Day treat that was fellow Geeklings! I had no idea that there would be a new X-Men: Apocalypse trailer dropping today so you can imagine my surprise when I went on Facebook and saw it in my feed. As a matter of fact it went a little something like this- (actually it didn't go anything like that I just wanted to use this gif). For those of you who had to do the work thing all day and didn't get a moment to sneak...
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