“Venom” Film Franchise Finds New Footing

Just when you thought you could sleep better at night knowing Marvel had some creative voice with Spider-Man again, your nightmares are coming back to haunt you. Producers Avi Arad, who has been guiding Spider-Man for Sony Pictures since 2002, and Matt Tolmach, who jumped aboard with The Amazing Spider- Man back in 2012, are reportedly looking to fill Sony's franchise void. The Hollywood Reporter broke the story about the spin off franchise. Venom has no release date as of yet but has been green-lit for the scripting phase once...

Looks Like “Men In Black” Will Meet “23 Jump Street” After All

While rumors have been abound that the Agent Jay could be showing up in this summer's Ghostbusters, you can take those bets off the table now. Instead, move those chips over to information remaining from the cataclysmic Sony email hacking scandal. Per an exclusive article at Variety, Sony Pictures is indeed moving forward to bring the casts of two franchises together - and probably not what you were expecting either. Chris Miller and Phil Lord's 21 Jump Street franchise is gearing to crossover with Barry Sonnenfeld's Men In Black. Sources...

Joseph Gordon- Levitt says goodbye to “The Sandman”

The Sandman is a beloved comic written by Neil Gaiman that started its run in 1989. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and David Goyer made a deal with Warner Brothers to adapt the beloved Vertigo classic and brought Neil Gaiman on as an executive producer. In a world of comic book movies to see one that isn't about cape wearing super heroes will be a nice change of pace. Though the movie is still in the early stages of development fans of the comic are waiting patiently for the movie. Unfortunately Joseph Gordon-Levitt...

Christian Bale’s Thoughts About His Time as Batman

We are weeks away from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Yahoo sat down with the Dark Knight himself Christian Bale to talk about an upcoming film and while there they discussed his time under the cowl. Playing a character as complex as Bruce Wayne presents its own set of difficulty, then adding that you have to wear a Batman costume has to be challenging to stay in character and maintain the level of intensity that Bruce Wayne/Batman require. The general consensus is that Christian Bale nailed the caped crusader...
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