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Actor Stephen Tobolowksy Talks New Hit Show ‘One Day at a Time’

Stephen Tobolowsky is one of those faces in Hollywood that is immediately recognizable. An amiable character actor, Tobolowsky has lent his talents to a slew of projects--- from classic films like Groundhog Day and Thelma & Louise to popular television series like Glee and Silicon Valley. And now he’s helping to put yet another incredible project on the map: Netflix’s reboot of One Day at a Time. Cast as the lonely and sometimes out of touch Dr. Leslie Berkowitz, Tobolowsky wears many dramatic hats throughout the show's first season. In some ways he's...
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Exclusive Interview with Tasya Teles: ‘The 100’ Star Teases Season Four

Fans everywhere are gearing up for what looks to be a tantalizing fourth season of the hit CW show The 100. And actress Tasya Teles is putting on her fandom hat right along with us. Teles, who plays the ever-mysterious Echo, is as passionate about the show as many of the fans. And with that passion comes a deep understanding of both her character and what makes The 100 such an intriguing show.     With just days to go before the season premiere, I spoke with Teles about Echo...
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Actor Lee Shorten Talks Sergeant Yoshida and Alternate Realities in ‘The Man in the High Castle’

Since its premiere in 2015, Amazon’s original series The Man in the High Castle has garnered lots of well-deserved praise. Like the novel that preceded it, the show weaves a complicated web of historical fact and science fiction, one in which the Nazis and Imperial Japanese have risen to power and where journeying to alternate realities is a possibility. All in all, the story and its motifs keep viewers on the edge of their seats. But history and sci-fi aside, the show’s broad appeal rests largely in the hands of...
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Rising Actress Taylor Hickson Talks ‘Aftermath’ and How She Landed Her Breakout Role

SyFy’s Aftermath may have only lasted one season, but that was more than enough time for rising actress Taylor Hickson to make an impression on audiences. Cast as the emotional and rebellious Brianna Copeland, Hickson had a unique opportunity to explore her range as an actress. And there’s no doubt that there’s more to come from this young talent. In just two years’ time, Hickson has transformed herself from an average teen in pursuit of a music career into a dynamic actress capable of holding her own alongside industry veterans....
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Sweet/Vicious Star Eliza Bennett on Jules’ Strength, and the Importance of her Relationship with Ophelia

MTV, a channel known for its overall lighthearted (some would say juvenile) content has just earned a seat at the big kids table with Sweet/Vicious. The new series follows the unlikely duo of chronically stoned hacker Ophelia (Taylor Dearden) and exuberant sorority girl Jules (Eliza Bennett), on their quest to teach accused rapists on campus a lesson-- with their fists, and sometimes tasers. The show is one of those hidden gems I stumbled upon at the end of last year-- binge-watched the first few eps and BAM, I was hooked....
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