FANFEST EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Nick Thune talks his comedy and his new Stand-up ‘Good Guy’

Nick Thune is a comedian / actor, who hails from the Seattle, where he spent his early years growing up. Nick's absurdist view and deadpan wit combined with the soothing lull of his guitar, have distinguished his unique style of comedy. Esquire raves "Nick Thune is the truth and people continue to bear witness. Also, he doesn't have any diseases." His first hour stand-up special Nick Thune: Folk Hero premiered on Netflix in February 2014, with Salon.com naming it one of the best specials of the year and Paste Magazine...

I didn’t know why Negan didn’t scare me-now I know

For seven seasons the creative team of The Walking Dead has kept its audience on the edge of it seats. Between the artfully done terrifying zombies and the horrifically brutal humans there is never a dull moment on the show. This show has proven that while the zombie herds are nightmare inducing, the truly most terrifying part of the show are the humans that are left in the world. While watching the last episode of season 6 the desperation that you feel from all the character just trying to get past...

Lin-Manuel Miranda Named ‘Entertainer Of The Year’ By Associated Press

Lin-Manuel Miranda definitely did not throw away his shot! The Hamilton star and creator has added yet another accomplishment to his list: He was named Entertainer of the Year by the Associated Press, beating such celebrities as Adele, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and even Beyonce herself for the title! "There's been more than a little good luck in the year itself and the way it's unfolded. I continue to try to work on the things I've always wanted to work on and try to say yes to the opportunities that...
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