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Cat Deeley Net Worth

Cat Deeley Net Worth: $17.3 Million

Category: Richest Celebrities

Net Worth: $17.3 Million

Salary: $60 Thousand Per Episode

Date of Birth: Oct 23, 1976 (47 years old)

Place of Birth: The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield

Gender: Female

Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.753 m)

Profession: Presenter, Journalist, Model, Actor, Television producer, TV Personality, Singer

Nationality: United Kingdom

What is Cat Deeley’s Net Worth and Salary?

Cat Deeley

As an expert in celebrity net worth analysis, I can attest that Cat Deeley’s impressive $17.3 million fortune reflects her versatile career in television and modeling. Over the course of approximately three decades, Deeley has not only established herself as a prominent figure in entertainment but also successfully managed to diversify her portfolio. This strategic diversification is evident in her transition from modeling to hosting, marking a significant evolution in her career trajectory.

Deeley’s involvement in high-profile projects, such as “So You Think You Can Dance,” and her ventures into digital platforms with her web series, highlight her adaptability and keen business acumen. These endeavors have significantly contributed to her net worth. Moreover, her foray into different mediums, including a guest appearance on a Disney Channel sitcom, exemplifies her range and appeal, further augmenting her marketability and financial success. Deeley’s ability to seamlessly navigate various facets of the entertainment industry not only underscores her talent but also cements her status as a financially savvy and influential figure in the celebrity world.

Early Life

Catherine Deeley, born on October 23, 1976, at Sandwell General Hospital in West Bromwich, West Midlands, England, developed her roots in Birmingham, specifically in Sutton Coldfield. Her journey through adolescence included attending Grove Vale Junior School and later Dartmouth High School in Great Barr. During her high school years, she showcased her musical talents by playing the clarinet in the Sandwell Youth Concert Band. Her academic journey took a selective turn when she gained admission to Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School in Sutton Coldfield.

Deeley’s fascination with the world of performance and entertainment emerged early in her life. At the age of 14, she participated in a regional edition of the BBC competition known as “The Clothes Show,” making it to the national finals. This remarkable achievement opened the doors to a modeling contract, marking the beginning of her career in the industry. To enhance her marketability and leave a lasting impression on clients, she adopted the name Cat.

The early years of Catherine Deeley’s life lay the foundation for her future success, blending her passion for entertainment with her modeling career, all while navigating the vibrant landscape of West Midlands.


Upon finalizing her modeling contract, she delved into full-time modeling, persisting in this endeavor until the age of 20. At that juncture, she opted to veer away from the trajectory outlined in her contract, steering toward new opportunities. Subsequently, she transitioned into the role of co-host and presenter for the MTV music chart show, “Hitlist UK.” From 1998 to 2002, she extended her versatility by co-hosting “Ant & Dec,” a Saturday morning children’s program.

Deeley’s multifaceted career took an award-winning turn in 2001 when she secured a Children’s BAFTA award. Concurrently, she made a guest appearance on an episode of BBC’s “Happiness.” Maintaining her momentum, she continued to grace the co-host position in various shows and programs, including “The Record of the Year,” “Fame Academy,” “The 2004 Brit Awards,” and “Stars in Their Eyes.” Not confined to television, she also undertook a weekly hosting role on the radio series “Roadtripping,” broadcast on London’s Capital FM and BBC Choice.

In a significant career shift in March 2003, Deeley was unveiled as the new co-host of “Stars in Their Eyes,” succeeding Matthew Kelly who had departed. Her tenure on the show persisted until its cancellation in December 2006. Concurrently, in 2006, she expanded her hosting portfolio by taking on the second season of the American reality show, “So You Think You Can Dance.” Remarkably, she has remained at the helm of this popular dance competition show ever since. The pinnacle of her hosting prowess was acknowledged in 2011 when she earned a nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Programme.

Maintaining a consistent presence on “So You Think You Can Dance,” Cat Deeley has actively pursued various projects throughout her career. Stepping into diverse roles, she hosted the third season of “Soundtrack to My Life” and made a notable appearance as herself in Peter Kay’s “Britain’s Got the Pop Factor.” In 2009, Deeley temporarily took over hosting duties on the American version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” stepping in for Meredith Vieira. Her versatility was further showcased on the BBC show, “Gordon Ramsay’s F Word.” Subsequently, Deeley filled in for Vieira on “Today” in February 2010 and assumed co-hosting responsibilities alongside Regis Philbin on “Live with Regis and Kelly.”

The year 2011 brought a flurry of activity for Deeley as she guest-starred on the Disney Channel sitcom “Shake It Up” and hosted an episode of CNN’s “Icon,” featuring a conversation with “The Simpsons” voice actress Nancy Cartwright. Her involvement extended to CNN’s coverage of the Royal Wedding, highlighting her diverse talents.

From 2014 to 2016, Deeley served as a panelist on the syndicated game show “Celebrity Name Game,” hosted by Craig Ferguson. The subsequent year saw her as the presenter of the game show “Big Star Little Star” on the USA Network in the United States. Simultaneously, she took on the role of presenting another talent competition, “Sing: Ultimate A Cappella,” for the Sky One channel in the United Kingdom. In 2018, Deeley assumed the position of a guest judge on the first season of “The Final Table.” Two years later, in 2020, she reunited with Ant and Dec, returning to the set where their original show was filmed and produced years earlier.

Venturing into the world of literature, Deeley published a children’s picture book titled “The Joy in You” in September 2020. Co-authored by Laura Baker and illustrated by Rosie Butcher, the book was released by Random House. In January 2021, Deeley marked her debut on BBC Radio 2 when she sat in on “The Saturday Show.” Since then, she has become a regular contributor to the show, stepping in when other hosts are absent.

Personal Life

Deeley finds fulfillment in channeling a portion of her wealth towards philanthropic endeavors. Since 2003, she has served as a benefactor for London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital. Additionally, she actively supports the work of UNICEF. Notably, in 2007, she took part in a UNICEF benefit show held in Los Angeles, where the renowned magician David Copperfield showcased his skill by sawing Deeley in half using his celebrated Buzz Saw illusion.

Beyond her involvement in fundraising events, Deeley has made personal visits to various UNICEF project locations. Her commitment to the cause led her to travel to the Philippines in 2008, where she personally explored a project based in Manila. Recognizing her dedication, in December of 2009, Deeley was honored by being appointed as a UNICEF UK ambassador. This role serves as a testament to her ongoing commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Cat Deeley Salary

How much did Cat Deeley earn for each episode of her role as the host on So You Think You Can Dance? Her salary per episode was $60,000 during her tenure from 2005 to 2020.

Real Estate

In 2006, Cat acquired a residence in Beverly Hills, California, for $2.7 million. This property served as the U.S. base for Cat and Patrick until 2020, when they listed it for sale at just under $5 million.

Quick summary

  1. The article provides a comprehensive overview of Cat Deeley’s life, career, and financial standing. Cat Deeley, a prominent English television presenter and model, shares a net worth of $17.3 million with her husband, Patrick Kielty. The article delves into her early life, starting with her roots in Birmingham, her education, and her entry into the entertainment industry at the age of 14.
  2. Cat Deeley’s career trajectory is explored in detail, covering her modeling days, transition to hosting various television shows, and her notable roles in programs like “SMTV Live,” “Stars in Their Eyes,” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” It emphasizes her versatility, hosting prowess, and recognition in the industry, including awards and nominations.