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Daryl Dixon’s Major Cameo Paves the Way for The Walking Dead Season 12

Published on October 11th, 2023 | Updated on December 1st, 2023 | By FanFest

Carol’s Cameo Sparks Hope for The Walking Dead Season 12

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Carol’s Surprise Appearance in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon‘s Episode 5 Hints at the Possibility of The Walking Dead Season 12. Following the culmination of the original Walking Dead series after its remarkable 11-season run, the latest spinoff installment seems to have reignited hopes for another season. With the franchise currently charting new territories through its various spinoff shows, it has dispersed its narrative into distinct storylines. Although this approach has proven successful thus far, it might be leading to a grander, overarching narrative that necessitates at least one more season for a proper conclusion.

While there are alternative avenues, such as wrapping up The Walking Dead franchise with a feature film, the recent shift of the once-planned Rick Grimes movies into a series suggests a television format may be more plausible. While a definitive ending may not be on the immediate horizon, especially with several spinoffs renewed for a second season, Daryl Dixon’s recent cameo appears to be laying the groundwork for something more substantial. Within the expansive tapestry of The Walking Dead universe, numerous significant storylines remain unresolved. While some of these may find their resolution in individual spinoffs, it seems increasingly likely that the most significant mysteries and narratives will converge and find their culmination in one final season of the main series.

Carol’s Daryl Dixon Cameo Teases Another Main Walking Dead Villain

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Carol’s Surprise Cameo in Episode 5 of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Hints at the Emergence of a Possible Main Series Antagonist. Although Daryl’s conversation with Carol seems unremarkable on the surface, it subtly foreshadows significant developments in the show’s future. The radio exchange takes place during a flashback when Daryl is still in the United States. He immediately senses Carol’s unease as she answers with caution and doubt in her voice. After Daryl presses her with questions, Carol cryptically reveals, “he came back,” without disclosing the individual’s identity.

The enigma surrounding this call leaves us with numerous unanswered questions. It could allude to Rick Grimes and his fate in The Walking Dead. Alternatively, it might involve a character like Negan, given the challenging timeline to align with the main series finale and the radio call. However, there is a possibility that the mysterious figure in question is a new villain, one yet to make an appearance in the main series. It’s improbable that the character is a prominent antagonist from The Walking Dead’s main storyline, as most of them have met their demise. Nevertheless, introducing a new threat that has potentially plagued the survivors off-screen remains a plausible scenario.

Who The Walking Dead’s Mystery New Villain Could Be

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If Carol’s unexpected appearance hints at the introduction of a primary antagonist, it raises intriguing questions about the identity of this new adversary or group. The leading contender for this role would likely be the Civic Republic Military (CRM). The CRM, which served as the central antagonistic force in ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond,’ boasts considerable resources and harbors shadowy intentions. It’s entirely plausible that their influence could extend beyond the confines of the spinoff series. Elizabeth Kublek once oversaw the CRM until Jadis assumed leadership, but both reported to Major General Beale. This enigmatic figure could be the ‘he’ alluded to by Carol, suggesting that the CRM’s reach has now expanded to encompass the main group of survivors.

However, ‘The Walking Dead’ could opt for a different narrative direction, possibly introducing an entirely new antagonist or group. They might even unveil a counterpart to the CRM, if they’re not quite ready to delve fully into that storyline, despite Rick’s involvement. Alternatively, the show might explore an extension of Daryl Dixon’s own rogues’ gallery, one potentially connected to the CRM. Genet, the central antagonist in Daryl’s spinoff, commands a fleet of ships operating in America, as revealed in the backstory of Daryl’s journey to France. It’s plausible that her group extends far beyond the borders of France, posing a significant threat not only to Daryl Dixon but to the entire ‘Walking Dead’ franchise.

Carol’s Cameo Means Old Walking Dead Characters Have To Return Eventually

Daryl Dixon's Major Cameo Paves the Way for The Walking Dead Season 12

With Carol’s surprising appearance alongside Daryl Dixon, the prospect of older characters returning to The Walking Dead franchise is growing increasingly likely. While Daryl’s storyline could have stood on its own without the inclusion of main show characters, Carol’s cameo appears to be a strategic move to expand the overarching narrative. Although the spinoff series has thrived as a self-contained tale, the decision to intertwine it with the broader franchise was a daring one, but it seems to be paying off. This suggests that the return of other beloved characters is imminent, given the main Walking Dead storyline’s reliance on their presence, and Carol’s subtle hint at an impending new threat only adds to the intrigue.

The long-awaited reunion of Rick and Michonne from The Walking Dead is set to take place next year, paving the way for the potential return of many more familiar faces. Beyond those who survived the events of season 11, there is also the possibility of bringing back characters who ventured into Fear The Walking Dead, such as Morgan and Dwight. If Carol’s cameo is indeed the initial hint of a more expansive story arc, it would make sense for a grand reunion of the central figures in The Walking Dead, particularly if they find themselves facing the formidable CRM. To stand a chance against this looming threat, they may need the collective strength of every key survivor, possibly even requiring an unlikely alliance between Rick and Negan to bring their ongoing war to a full circle.

Why The Walking Dead Season 12 Is Still Possible

Daryl Dixon's Major Cameo Paves the Way for The Walking Dead Season 12

Spinoff series have become the prevailing trend within The Walking Dead universe. Nonetheless, the prospect of a twelfth season remains a distinct possibility. Despite Season 11’s finale ostensibly marking the conclusion of the franchise, it left many lingering questions in its wake. The tantalizing tease of Rick and Michonne’s return made it abundantly clear that their comeback was imminent, even as the series appeared to be wrapping up. Their spinoff will primarily center on their reunion and almost certainly involve some skirmishes with the CRM. Yet, this still leaves a sense of uncertainty surrounding their reunion with other characters. The series lacked a proper, definitive ending, and a Season 12 or a comparable installment could rectify this.

Season 12 had originally been in the works before shifting ideas led to the creation of spinoffs instead. This change in approach underscored that the franchise was far from reaching its conclusion. Carol’s cameo may only mark the inception of a potential crossover between spinoff series. It’s becoming increasingly evident that The Walking Dead is gradually crafting a more expansive narrative, with each of these spinoffs poised to play a significant role. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon may have initiated the journey toward a potential crossover among these series, which could entail the return of previous characters as well as survivors from Season 11. Essentially, this evolving storyline would embody what a Season 12 represents, regardless of whether it officially adopts that title or not.

Quick summary

  • Carol’s surprise cameo in “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon” episode hints at the potential for a Season 12 of “The Walking Dead” after its original series concluded, with the emergence of spinoffs introducing new narratives and unresolved storylines.
  • The article speculates on the identity of a mysterious new antagonist and the return of old characters, including Rick and Michonne, paving the way for a Season 12 to provide a proper conclusion to the overarching narrative of “The Walking Dead” franchise.

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