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Captain Marvel: Is Brie Larson The New Face Of The MCU? Reportedly So! The New Leader Of The Avengers?

Brie Larson has come a long way over the last few years. From joining the MCU to winning an Oscar, Brie Larson has accomplished a lot! Now Brie Larson is the new face of the MCU, according to insiders. Could Captain Marvel end up leading The Avengers?

With so much success, it’s not hard to imagine how in-demand Brie Larson is. She’s done several films over the last few years, though Captain Marvel is still one of her bigger ones.

With so much success is it possible that Brie Larson wants to get out of the MCU and go do her own thing? It’s definitely possible, but what if there were something keeping her tied to the MCU? That’s exactly what Giant Freakin Robot is claiming, based on a reliable source of theirs.

According to them, Marvel is very much aware that Brie Larson might be classified as a flight risk. They obviously don’t want to lose one of their superheroes before they’re done milking them for all their worth. Which in Brie Larson’s case, might be quite a lot. That’s why a deal might have been struck!

GFR’s source claims that Kevin Feige made a promise to Brie Larson. A big one, too. They claim that Kevin Feige has promised Brie Larson that she will be the face of the MCU moving forward. That’s a REALLY big promise once you really start thinking about it.

Think, and I mean really think, about the MCU and everything it has accomplished. Think of how much money the MCU has made over its history, and how much money it can still make. Now imagine how much money the face of that billion-dollar franchise could make.

Yeah, if there was ever a reason for Brie Larson to stay, that would certainly be it.

GFR goes on to claim that they don’t know the details of what this promise entails. However, it’s likely to mean that Larson could start appearing in MCU flicks that aren’t Captain Marvel films.

If you were to compare her to Robert Downer Jr., the MCU’s Ironman, that would mean she’s about to be everywhere. Not just in the films but in marketing and stuff too. We might be about to see Captain Marvel everywhere!

For now, take all this with a grain of salt though. Nothing has been confirmed, thought it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Is Brie Larson the new face of the MCU? And if she were, would you be upset? Let us know down in the comments!


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