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Captain America Civil War Deleted Scene Released by Marvel

Published on August 25th, 2016 | Updated on August 25th, 2016 | By FanFest

Captain America Civil War was not only one of the biggest superhero movies to date, it was one of the most pivotal.  Fans wondered if the film would follow the comic or stray off, if the characters they’d grown to love would be able to strike them in a way to lessen their affection enough to pick a side – Team Ironman or Team Cap – and who ultimately, would have the last word.

One of the most focused upon relationships aside from Cap and Ironman themselves is Steve’s relationship with Bucky aka The Winter Solider and their dynamic is a fan favorite.  Today, Marvel released a deleted scene from Civil War showing the two in the middle of the battle, with The Winter Soldier using Cap’s shield.

Joe Russo had this to say about the scene being deleted.

The airport sequence was obviously complicated, We wanted to track everybody’s arc and we felt like it was a hair too long, and that beat was coming at a spot when the energy was dropping…We actually made that up on set. It was not scripted…It’s actually one of my favorite beats in that whole sequence, but it’s just a function of storytelling and editing, and wasn’t something we needed to tell the story, but it’s a great bit for the DVD.”

Is this a nod to the comic universe, where there is more than one deemed worthy of carrying the shield or just a fun scene that got caught due to timing restrictions? Fans are taking both sides of the equation but it’s a nice release; foreshadowing or not.

Captain America Civil War is available on DVD, Blue Ray, and Digital HD on September 2nd!

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