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Candace Cameron Bure Says She and Husband Still Love Each Other ‘Physically’ and ‘Spiritually’ after 26 Years

Published on September 30th, 2022 | Updated on September 30th, 2022 | By FanFest

Candace Cameron Bure is celebrating her 26th wedding anniversary!

This week, on Mayim Bialik’s “Breakdown” podcast, actress and former hockey player Valeri Bure said that she and her husband make time for each other and still “love each other physically, spiritually” and “mentally.”

“]. I’ve been around laughter my whole life. My dad’s a very funny man. Like, I love it. So, I need to have laughter in my life and that does come with a playfulness with my husband so when he can make me laugh – like, it’s the best.” she said after the “Big Bang Theory” star asked about where she finds intimacy in her marriage. “I grew up with comedians on the show [“Full House”Laughter is one of my love languages,”

Candace Cameron and Valeri Bure recently attended Natasha Bure’s “Let’s Be Real” book launch party in Los Angeles. The event was held at Eden by Eden Sassoon on March 24, 2017.

“Sex obviously is important,” she said before continuing on to say how much she hates how nudewithin marriage gets such a bad reputation. She acknowledged that in some marriages, nude can become stale but believes that “nudeis a gift from God to be within the constraints of marriage and that it is to be celebrated and a huge part of marriage.”

Candace Cameron Bure Says She and Husband Still Love Each Other ‘Physically’ and ‘Spiritually’ after 26 Years

She said being nude is a “blessing of being married and committed to someone” and that jokes about longer marriages inevitably leading to sexlessness aren’t accurate in her case.

“I’m not trying to talk about my nudelife,” she added, “but I do think it is important to share what a healthy nudelife within marriage can be just in saying like that that’s important.”

The Hallmark movie actress said, “It’s an important part of the relationship that we make time for one another, that we still love each other both physically, you know, spiritually, mentally, all of the things. It all comes hand in hand.”

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She added, “I’m a happier person and my husband’s a happier person when we’ve had sex.”

Bure married her husband in 1996 after “Full House” had completed its eight seasons. The couple have three children: Natasha, 24; Lev, 22; and Maksim, 20.


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