While I like to consider Jamie Lee Curtis’ most iconic role to be Tess Coleman from Freaky Friday, her career has been so diverse that it’s hard to pick just one role. However, around this time of year, it’s always worth discussing her role in the Halloween films of which she’s reprised her character of Laurie Strode four times. Curtis is set to fill Strode’s shoes once more in David Gordon Green’s upcoming Halloween franchise reboot.

Recently, an interview clip of Curtis from 1980 resurfaced on Facebook where she tells Mick Garris that she almost didn’t get the part in John Carpenter’s original Halloween.

“From the photograph I guess was submitted, they didn’t think I looked like one of the three women.  I was real lucky, I had a very persistent manager who kind of, ‘Come on, see this girl, she’s great!’ And ended, up, a couple of meetings, three or four meetings [getting the role].”

She also talked about the rigorous filming schedule and the difficulties of filming a horror movie like that out of sequence.

“It was a tough movie to make, because we shot it in 20 days. So, we shot it completely out of sequence, just completely out of sequence… So, I can do one scene where I’m being chased at the end, and running around, and then we’ll do a scene at the beginning of the movie — get the blood off, get your hair done again — and then you go and be like it never happened.


Ten minutes ago you were running scared, and 15 minutes after, nothing’s happened, and you’re just looking out the window, and you see something that seems possibly weird. And so, the continuity was so strange that it takes a good director I think to really kind of help you out through there.”


You can watch the original trailer for Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween below!


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