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Cameron Monaghan is Also Leaving ‘Shameless’

Another Gallagher bites the dust. Just over a month after Emmy Rossum announced that she would be leaving the long-running Showtime dramedy, Cameron Monaghan has revealed that he will be exiting Shameless as well with the season’s next episode being his last. Monaghan has wonderfully played the openly gay, bipolar and sincerely earnest Ian Gallagher since season 1, having essentially grown up on screen over the past seven years. He shared a touching post on social media announcing his departure with some photos of him and two of his other Gallagher brothers Lip (Jeremy Allen White) and Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) from the upcoming episode.

While news of Monaghan’s exit is upsetting to Shameless fans, it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Ian’s story has certainly been heading to a stopping point over the past two seasons as he stepped into the role of “Gay Jesus”, becoming the voice of the LGBTQ community before setting a van on fire, resulting in his arrest. In this past Sunday’s episode, Ian pled guilty by insanity for the crime, which would give him the lowest prison sentencing of two years.

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Monaghan revealed in his Instagram post that he had known about this exit since last year, but wanted fans to be surprised and enjoy Ian’s story without the knowledge that he would be leaving looming over the season. Although, fans can definitely take solace in the fact that he signed off his Instagram post with “Goodbye, Ian Clayton Gallagher. We’ll meet again?” hinting that he could one day return to the series. So, that should give fans enough hope that we haven’t seen the last of Ian Gallagher!

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Plus, we definitely have not seen the last of Monaghan. He will be reprising his role as Jeremiah Valeska/Joker on the upcoming season of Gotham, which he has been playing off and on since 2015. Season 5 of Gotham is set to premiere in 2019. He also has a few films in the pipeline including Wake, which also stars Ben Kingsley and Piper Perabo. It follows a man who returns home for his brother’s wake on a remote island that comes under siege during his stay there. He will also be headlining The White Devil as an American teen who is sent to a prestigious London boarding school in hopes of overcoming his delinquent past, only to find out that it’s being haunted by a vengeful former student.

Are you sad to see that Monaghan is also leaving the show? Shameless is currently airing on Showtime on Sundays at 9. Monaghan’s last episode will be this coming Sunday’s “Face It, You’re Gorgeous”.