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Build-a-Bear Releases Wicket the Ewok Bear

Published on April 9th, 2016 | Updated on May 18th, 2016 | By FanFest

Imagine your bed covered in Ewoks. Well, you can make that a reality now.

Build-A-Bear has released a full size build able version of the fuzzy Star Wars creature. You can order now on their website, and in stores next week.

Better yet, you can even include an authentic Ewok sound chip inside of your new bear along with several other sounds that they pulled from the film.

You can build the 16 inch bear for $28. They have a smaller non-buildable version already, but building one is so much more fun!

Ewok joins Darth Vader Bear, Star Wars Bear, Chewbacca, Stormtrooper Bear, and mini BB-8.

ewok bear

How cute is he?

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as seen on promo graphic


as seen on promo graphic