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Bridgerton: Show Will Be Netflix’s Most-Watched Series of All-Time

Netflix may be paying a premium to retain Shonda Rhimes under an exclusive development agreement, with the prolific producer renewing her $150 million contract last summer, but it’s not as if she isn’t rewarding them with consistently high viewership figures. Such the case is Bridgerton.

Bridgeton was the first project under the terms of the deal, which later became the platform’s most-watched original series ever, but it has since been surpassed by Squid Game. Rhimes’ second episodic effort for Netflix, Inventing Anna, managed to become Netflix’s 5th most popular English-language original series in history.


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The latest return of Bridgeton for a second season has been smashing records left, right, and center, with the period-set romantic drama rocketing straight into third place on the English-language charts after racking up 560 million hours viewed in the space of just 17 days.

By the time the dust has settled on the conventional 28-day period used to rank data, Bridgeton‘s second season of episodes will have taken over at the top of the list. Even if a little program called Stranger Things is about to ruin everything in its path when it returns on May 27, having three entries in the all-time list.

If Shonda Rhimes continues to produce such large quantities of quality work, and if Netflix is paying her well for it, then don’t be shocked if the two sides continue their mutually beneficial relationship for a long time.

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