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Brewery Ommegang and HBO Reveal New Game of Thrones Inspired Beer Launching in 2018

Published on December 21st, 2017 | Updated on December 21st, 2017 | By FanFest

Fans of Game of Thrones will be raising their goblets to more than just an incredible final season of the series soon. When we say soon, we know that the last season won’t air until 2019, but there will be something to hold us all over until then.

Brewery Ommegang, alongside HBO, developed a series of limited edition beers fit for the most royal of GOT fans, and the non-royals too. The Game of Thrones Royal Reserve Collection begins it’s limited edition beer release with a brew dedicated to Tyrion.

Michael Garcia

‘While technically not royalty at all, Tyrion certainly qualifies as a nobleman in our esteem. We’ve wanted to brew for Tyrion for six seasons, and we believe his time has come. Knowing his preferences, our beer for Tyrion could only be a barleywine.’

The beers will be part of the Royal Reserve Collection, which is a series of four special release beers. As explained on in the Brewery Ommegang press release, the beer will be brewed and blended with specific character and temperaments in mind.

Each beer will be brewed and blended with ingredients selected to match the character and temperament of the chosen hero, designed and brewed as Brewery Ommegang’s interpretation of what a royal brewer might brew for his or her noble master.

The press release states that the companies are thrilled to offer fans new opportunities to pay tribute to their favorite GOT characters in 2018. However, if you don’t want to wait, you can check out their existing line of Game of Thrones-inspired drinks like Fire and Blood and Iron Throne.

‘Ommegang’s collection of Game of Thrones beers has been an enduring hit with our fans, so we’re excited to offer them even more opportunities to pay tribute to their favorite characters next year by releasing four new and special releases, and, of course, who better to receive our first tribute than Tyrion, the man who so famously drinks and knows things.’

Launching in April, July, October, and December of 2018; the beers will be in the hands of fans for the epic final season of Game of Thrones.


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as seen on promo graphic