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Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Clarifies Comments: “I Am Not Retiring”

Published on June 10th, 2023 | Updated on June 10th, 2023 | By FanFest

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston caused a stir this week when an interview with GQ led to speculations about his retirement. However, Cranston took to Instagram to clarify the comments and assure fans that he is not actually retiring, but rather planning a temporary pause in his career. In his Instagram post, Cranston explained that after reaching his 70th birthday in 2026, he intends to take a year off to spend quality time with his wife, Robin Dearden, and explore new experiences.

Cranston emphasized the importance of reconnecting with his wife and enjoying their later years together. He also expressed a desire to reset his career and find fresh inspiration for future roles. While grateful for the incredible opportunities he has had over the past two decades, Cranston believes that a break will help him replenish his creativity and approach future characters in a more authentic way.

Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Clarifies Comments: "I Am Not Retiring"

During his hiatus, Cranston plans to disconnect from social media, take a break from the business side of the industry, and indulge in reading classic novels he has always wanted to explore. However, before his break, he has unfinished projects to complete, including upcoming film releases, TV productions he is passionate about, and a potential return to Broadway in a new capacity.

Cranston also addressed rumors of a Malcolm in the Middle revival, sharing his curiosity about the characters and their lives 20 years later. While there has been talk of a reunion movie, Cranston didn’t provide specific details in the interview.

In conclusion, Cranston expressed deep gratitude to his fans for their support throughout his career and assured them that he appreciates his good fortune. He wished everyone well and promised to see them down the road.

Fans can rest assured that Bryan Cranston’s retirement rumors were premature, and he has exciting projects ahead.

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