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‘BrainDead’ Recap ‘Wake Up Grassroots: The Nine Virtues Of Participatory Democracy, And How We Can Keep America Great By Encouraging An Informed Electorate’

Published on July 11th, 2016 | Updated on July 11th, 2016 | By FanFest

The alien bugs are still at it. Even flirting neighbors Noah and Jules are no match for them.

Ok which side are these bugs on? And why are they making Jules and Noah fight? I thought they just changed your personality?

Laurel is flirting with a coworker when Gareth walks in with a pretty blonde. Laurel gets up for a drink and so does Gareth. Smooth. And to top it all off Gustav shows up. With his cat.

Yep a cat getting a CAT scan LOL. The cat has a punctured ear drum too. Gustav says that if they are deaf in one ear or off balance, then they are missing half of their brain. (CHI) The cat’s head better not explode!

Aww Gareth is watching Laurel’s documentary. (He really likes her) And he donates $750.10 to her film!

Noah goes to see Laurel for help. He is angry. He just starts rambling about how bad the Republicans are and that the Democrats need to get off of their asses and do something about it. He’s mostly angry about the arts program  getting cut.

Luke and Red are fighting and leaves Laurel and Gareth alone to chat. A news segment pops up about the CHI. She tells Rochelle and Gustav. Rochelle goes to have lunch with a CDC friend to find out more and they come to visit her at the office. Dexter did his thesis on the screwworm and is immediately interested. But he needs a human who is infected.

They got to visit Abby who is infected and she refuses so Laurel goes to Anthony to see what he can do.

Anthony goes to Abby’s and she again refuses but whats to get her jacket and phone to record the whole thing. She then jumps off her balcony to her death. What?!?

Laurel gets the call about Abby. She blames herself. Anthony goes over to comfort her and they talk about him being in Iraq. Truth is he was a whistle blower and nothing more. She apologizes and he kisses her.

Luke calls for a sequestration bill which could solve the shutdown. He starts without everyone and the bill passes! The Government is open again!

Having missed the action, Laurel watches the sequestration footage and the reactions on her laptop. She then goes back to bed to find that Anthony might have been infected…

Who was infected: Noah, Jules, and maybe Anthony?

When will Laurel tell Luke about the bugs? She doesn’t seem concerned about him, I would be if he was my brother and boss… See you next week!

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