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‘Braindead’ Recap ‘The Power of Euphemism: How Torture Became a Matter of Debate in American Politics’

Published on August 9th, 2016 | Updated on August 9th, 2016 | By FanFest

Laurel and Gareth are on their date, picking up where we left off. Laurel brings up the bugs and tells hm all about them.

Red interrupts them with a phone call and a giant bug comes out of his ear. He has Mike the intern bring some cherry blossoms in for the bug, who has laid eggs in it, and has Mike take them home. Gross.

Red is the queen bug?

Red is investigating the head explosions and meets the head of the FBI at the gym with Mike. Mike’s head explodes.

Meanwhile, a man comes in to see Laurel and tells her she is going to be taken in for questioning, when she resists, he tases her. Yikes.

And while all this is going on, Gustav is bug hunting. He follows a lead and immediately heads to Laurel’s office to find her. But she isn’t there.

Laurel is being questioned, or tortured, or something for terrorism. But before they begin, she points out that the head of FBI changed and they need the new head’s approval… and of course it’s Red and Luke. Luke wants more information before signing but complies due to the severity of the subject.

Gareth goes to Luke to see where Laurel is and together they confirm that she is the suspect about to be tortured for terrorism. Luke calls for an emergency meeting.

Gustav and Rochelle use the recording of the bug communication to see if they can get one of the infected to lead them to Laurel. They decide to find out what the words mean by playing the recording piece by piece.

At the meeting, one of the republicans that would aid Luke’s side is not at the meeting. Luke stalls the best he can. When everyone is present, they can vote. Unfortunately Luke’s man can’t vote with him on a publicized meeting.

Rochelle and Gustav are still playing with the recording and and are using it to help Laurel. Now everyone knows something is up.

The good news is that Laurel gets set free, the bad news is that Gustav finds out that her father has become infected…


Infected: Mike the intern, Laurel and Luke’s father

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