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Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Shine in the First Look at ‘A Star Is Born’

Published on June 6th, 2018 | Updated on June 6th, 2018 | By FanFest

When a trailer for a film drops, there are a few things fans look for. Signs of the heart in a story, power of characters (even if it’s whispered), and that one moment that promises this movie is going to draw you in.

Just moments ago, the first trailer for A Star Is Born hit the internet and it brings everything you hope for together in one intoxicating package.

The film stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga and also sees Cooper in his directorial debut. You can take a look at it below.

First things first, Bradley Cooper can SING. Once you get past the grit in his voice – which is well placed for this film – you see the heart of the story coming to life right in front of you.

The story is a love story of sorts, but not one without pain. It’s not a fairytale but it is a film that follows the existence of all-encompassing love everything that comes along with it. It’s dangerous and addictive and it inspires, but for every high, there is a low. That doesn’t mean you avoid it though. Sometimes it means you run into it with open arms.

‘I don’t sing my own songs. I just don’t feel comfortable… Almost every single person has told me they like the way I sounded but they didn’t like the way I look.’

‘I think you’re beautiful.’

Chances are, you’ve seen the original, or one of the remakes of A Star Is Born, but this one is striking in a new way. It draws an emotional response out of you before you even realize it, and after less than three minutes, you’re invested in these characters and the stories they’re going to tell.

Bradley Cooper previously said, in an interview with EW, that the broken love story is what drew him to this film initially and it’s ‘electrified’ by the fact that they’re performers, singers, and songwriters.

You can see A Star Is Born in theaters on October 5th.


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