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BOSCH: Your “unofficial” character guide

Published on May 5th, 2017 | Updated on May 7th, 2017 | By FanFest

Bosch is a compelling series that does not spoon feed its viewers. The plotlines are complex and the characters are numerous. Viewers are tasked with making connections and catching clues as plotlines weave in and out of one another.

It can be a little challenging to figure out who’s who, especially if you are not a reader of the Michael Connelly novels on which the series is based.  But the investment is well worth it. As fans you are rewarded with getting to know beloved characters and feeling like you are solving the cases alongside of them.

So, if you are new to the series, or perhaps just need a refresher on who’s who, this piece is for you! I will run down the basics as well as give a little bit of my own personal take of characters in Bosch season 3. This is a mostly spoiler-free approach, but if you want to know absolutely, positively nothing about the storyline, turn back now.

"Bosch: Season 3" - Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch
“Bosch: Season 3” – Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch

Harry Bosch

  • given name Hieronymus Bosch like the painter from the 15th century
  • mother, Marjorie Lowe murdered when Harry was just a boy
  • veteran homicide detective
  • jazz aficionado
  • personal code: “Everybody counts or nobody counts”
  • reputation for using some unorthodox methods, making his own rules
  • currently assigned to the Meadows murder
  • also preparing for the trial of Andrew Holland
  • daughter, Maddie
  • ex-wife, Eleanor Wish
  • Tracey’s Take: would trust Harry with my life



  • Harry’s daughter with ex-wife Eleanor Wish
  • adjusting to life in Los Angeles and living with her dad
  • learning to drive in season 3
  • plays volleyball
  • wears the same white braided bracelet as her dad
  • Tracey’s Take: smart as a whip, good instincts, loyal


Eleanor Wish

  • ex-wife of Harry and mom to their daughter Maddie
  • former FBI
  • now romantically tied to Reggie
  • currently in Hong Kong with Reggie in the casino business
  • professional poker player
  • Tracey’s Take: missing her!

Lt. Grace Billets

  • Lieutenant in Hollywood Homicide division, Harry’s boss
  • well-liked by her detective staff
  • daughter, Lisa
  • ex-husband, John
  • been working on making Captain
  • haunted by a workplace romance gone wrong
  • reports to Captain Ellen Lewis who happens to be married to her ex-husband John
  • Tracey’s Take: strong leader, resilient, good friend

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Detective Jerry Edgar

  • Harry’s partner
  • ex-wife, Latonya
  • sons, Jack and Joe
  • currently assigned to the Meadows murder
  • investigating Harry’s connection to the Ed Gunn murder on the side
  • Tracey’s Take: wears his heart on his sleeve

Captain Irvin Irving

  • serving as interim Chief of Police
  • may be having second thoughts about the “interim” part
  • lost his son George in season 2 while George was working undercover with a dirty cop
  • divorced from Connie after George’s death
  • interested in Jun Park, a CRT volunteer in Koreatown
  • sometimes troubled by Bosch’s unorthodox methods, but sometimes relies on him for that same reason
  • Tracey’s Take: has to keep a strong front in his job, but battles with intense emotion

Detective Rondell Pierce

  • recently promoted to detective
  • was at one time partnered with the Captain’s son, the late George Irving
  • now partnered with veteran detective Santiago “Jimmy” Robertson
  • teased about his “murse” that his wife gave him upon his promotion
  • learning the ropes with Jimmy but sometimes frustrated with his partner
  • currently investigating the Ed Gunn murder
  • Tracey’s Take: has a strong moral compass


Santiago “Jimmy” Robertson

  • veteran homicide detective on the short list for RHD
  • partnered with and mentoring newly promoted Detective Pierce
  • currently assigned to the Gunn case
  • thinks Harry is hiding something related to the Gunn case
  • also investigating suspected frame of Harry in the Gunn case
  • Tracey’s take: has swagger, still a little mysterious

Anita Benitez

  • Deputy District Attorney
  • preparing for the Andrew Holland trial with Harry
  • has been romantically paired with Harry
  • has also been frustrated with Bosch
  • Tracey’s Take: smart, gorgeous, demanding

Crate and Barrel

  • nicknames for Detectives Moore and Johnson, respectively, based on their opposing statures
  • also veteran detectives
  • Tracey’s Take: provide much needed comic relief in the otherwise dark world of homicide investigation

Andrew Holland

  • Hollywood director
  • braggart
  • accused of murdering Donatella Spear
  • considers Bosch a nemesis
  • being prosecuted by Anita Benitez and defended by Jay Fowwkes
  • Tracey’s Take: deplorable, full of himself

Jay Fowwkes

  • defense attorney for Andrew Holland
  • Tracey’s Take: underhanded, image-conscious


Rudy Tafero

  • security detail for Andrew Holland
  • working closely with attorney Jay Fowkes to manipulate Holland’s defense
  • Tracey’s Take: definitely do not trust him

Jesse Tafero

  • younger brother of Rudy Tafero
  • pops up in the course of an investigation
  • Tracey’s take: sketchy, over-confident



  • Andrew Holland’s personal assistant
  • Tracey’s Take: How can she work for this guy?

Edward Gunn

  • drunkard previously under investigation for the rape and murder of two female prostitutes
  • never taken to trial due to O’Shea’s political concerns
  • tracked over the years by Bosch hoping to get a confession
  • creepy owl found in his apartment along with other suspicious content
  • Tracey’s Take: habitually intoxicated

Annabelle Crowe

  • previously attacked by Andrew Holland on a date
  • comes forward when hears of Donatella Spear’s suspected murder
  • nervous about testifying in Holland trial
  • Tracey’s Take: afraid

Billy Meadows

  • drug-addled homeless veteran
  • murdered in his RV
  • Trevor Dobbs was his captain
  • history of entagelements with Trevor, Woody, and Xavi
  • Tracey’s Take: troubled

Thomas “Sharkey” Niese

  • 16 year old hustler, tagger
  • hiding at the crime scene when Meadows is murdered
  • street smart
  • shown compassion by Bosch
  • Tracey’s Take: find myself rooting for Sharkey despite his duplicitousness


Trevor Dobbs

  • Captain of Meadows’ unit in the Army
  • Special Forces
  • runs a security consulting company
  • has a suspicious history of travel to and from Afghanistan
  • history with Meadows
  • Tracey’s Take: disciplined, ruthless


Woody Woodrow

  • member of Trevor Dobbs’ unit
  • works with Trevor
  • sniper
  • surfer
  • chill
  • history of a drug-altered state
  • keeping tabs on Harry
  • Tracey’s Take: seems conflicted


Xavi Moreno

  • member of Trevor Dobbs’ unit
  • sniper
  • owns a boat named “Aye Papi”
  • flashy lifestyle
  • Tracey’s Take: sarcastic, cocky, ruthless

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Cornell “Merch” Jackson

  • works in logistics for the Army
  • associated with Trevor Dobbs
  • plays a role in suspected illegal activities with Dobbs’ group
  • Tracey’s Take: seems naive

Luke Goshen

  • FBI agent
  • used to work undercover
  • often feels stifled back in the office
  • trusted ally of Bosch
  • Tracey’s Take: a good friend to Bosch, straight shooter

Sergeant Mankiewicz

  • Watch Commander at Hollywood precinct
  • jovial
  • chosen as Harry’s rep for a 128 complaint about Bosch
  • Tracey’s Take: good friend to have, keeps a pulse on the precinct


Man on the bike

  • mystery bicyclist wreaking havoc with crimes in Koreatown
  • Tracey’s Take: sneaky, dangerous fellow


Jun Park

  • Crisis Response Team volunteer in Koreatown
  • catches the eye of Captain Irving
  • Tracey’s Take: confident, smart, kind


Richard O’Shea

  • District Attorney
  • troubled past with Bosch
  • known for making politically based decisions
  • recently lost mayoral race to Hector Ramos
  • campaign damaged by a tape revealing that he ordered the release of handcuffs on a murder suspect in season 1 resulting in the prisoner’s escape
  • Tracey’s Take: weasel, self-serving

Hector Ramos

  • Mayor
  • wants Irving to stay on as Captain
  • Tracey’s Take: not always trusting of his motivations

Veronica Allen

  • on trial for a murder committed in season 2
  • outcome of her trial impacts Bosch’s credibility
  • Tracey’s Take: pretty, pretty ruthless

I hope this helps keep your investigation of Bosch season 3 on track. Please share your own take on characters in the comments. 

And join me for continued investigation of the remaining episodes in Bosch season 3. Are things coming together or falling apart? I’ll be back to recap Bosch 3.07. Stay tuned!

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