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‘Bosch’: Investigating episode 4.07 ‘Missed Connections’

Published on May 29th, 2018 | Updated on May 29th, 2018 | By FanFest

The task force has a suspect in custody, but things seem more unsettled than ever in Bosch episode 4.07 ‘Missed Connections’.

The episode is aptly named because Harry thinks he has missed something in the Sheehan arrest. He believes Frankie is not as solidly connected to the murder as most want to think.

Maddie is uncertain about her acceptance to Chapman University. Robertson wonders if Drake may want to modify his statement considering Frankie’s arrest. The Mayor is pressing the Chief to charge Sheehan. Activist Desiree Zealy seems to be attracting some less than peaceful protestors. And Captain Billets has a couple of poorly behaved officers on her hands.

Tensions are rising among our characters. While it could be perceived that the Elias case is in the final stages, Harry feels in his gut that they need to “look again”. Let’s take a look at ‘Missed Connections’.

"Bosch: Season 4" - Titus Welliver in Season 4 of Bosch Credit: Prime Video
“Bosch: Season 4” – Titus Welliver in Season 4 of Bosch
Credit: Amazon Prime Video


False alarm

It is the Wednesday night following Howard Elias’ murder on Friday. Officers Edgewood and Powers are exiting Boardner’s bar.

This is not the first time we have seen the Boardner’s bar in the Bosch series. Amazon Prime’s X-Ray trivia section points this out. I really enjoy the X-Ray notes regarding on locations and more. It is a great way to delve deeper into the episode. I highly recommend utilizing X-Ray for more great insights on Bosch.

Powers and Edgewood have been drinking. Before Edgewood reaches his car, he finds a young man trying to get inside a car without a key. It turns out the young man is a friend of the owner who has locked the keys inside the vehicle. Edgewood reacts without assessing the situation and pulls his gun on the young men.

Powers sees that something is going on and calls for back up before moving in on the scene. Patrolman LaForest arrives as backup. Powers tells LaForest it may be a BFMV (burglary from motor vehicle). Edgewood has all the “suspects” up against the fence.

The fallout

LaForest talks to Billets about the log of events with the Edgewood and Powers incident. We later learn that the attempt to enter the vehicle was legitimate. The young men did not press charges, however, because one of them had an outstanding warrant. Lt. Billets explains to LaForest how they narrowly dodged a bullet with the young men not pressing charges. There is so much political unrest and suspicion of the police department. If this situation went public, it would only fuel the fire already burning.

Billets suggests that she file a “notice to correct” with Powers and Edgewood to keep it from going public with a 128. Knowing just how serious their misstep was, she assures LaForest that “they will feel [her] wrath”.

We see Billets admonish Powers and learn that Edgewood will be reprimanded as well even though it will delay his opportunity to apply for vice. Billets continues to show the staff that she means business.

More unrest

Activist and “Justice Now” leader Desiree Zealy continues to attract more followers to both her social media and her cause. She records a viral video talking about RHD Detective Francis Sheehan’s arrest. Chief Irving has concerns about her following when his social media consultant suggests there may be some anarchists coming on board.

The threat of violence becomes even more concerning when an incendiary object is thrown at Pierce’s vehicle as he and Robertson near the police station. The car lights up. The two detectives escape the vehicle. Robertson calls in the attack and Pierce appears to run after the attacker.

The Mayor’s agenda

With suspect Frankie Sheehan in now in custody the Mayor’s office is anxious for him to be charged. We learn more about the Mayor’s “Blue Ribbon Panel”, which will act as a third-party watch dog keeping an eye on the police department.

Oh, and it just so happens to be funded by developer and Police Commission President Bradley Walker. This prompts concern about a conflict of interest?

Furthermore, Howard Elias’ widow, Millie, informs Chief Irving that the Mayor and Walker approached her about the panel. She refused but takes the opportunity to tell Irving that Ramos and Walker are making him the scapegoat for their agenda.

Maddie “talks” to Reggie

Maddie is finally able to speak with Reggie via Skype. She has the very difficult responsibility of telling him about Eleanor’s death. Reggie is, of course, deeply saddened by the news. He wants Maddie to know how much he loved her mom and how much he loves her. He explains that he “chose” the two of them for his family.

Maddie wants to make plans to visit Reggie. He explains that she cannot. He is in a detention center as he is “suspected of being an unregistered foreign agent” in China. Eleanor’s association with the FBI resulted in Reggie being investigated.

Something suspect with Sheehan

Harry feels something is not right with the Sheehan arrest. He is not convinced that Frankie is good for the murder and tells Irving such. The Chief tells Bosch to take the full 48 hours.

The task force reviews the evidence on Sheehan. While some are anxious to charge Frankie, Bosch reminds them that the evidence must hold up in court. The detectives collectively consider different scenarios, but the case is not solid.

Honey meets with Harry

I continue to be intrigued with Honey Chandler and Harry Bosch coordinating on the case. I wonder if these two could ultimately become, shall we say, reluctant allies. Chandler finds an email about a tech request that Howard Elias made to practice playing a video in court. The request applied to him only indicating that no one else may be aware of the video.

Chandler shares the knowledge of a video with Harry and explains it is on a tiny SD card. While Chandler does to speak of any specifics about the video’s content, she is impressed at how Harry realizes it may include impeachable evidence, which does not apply to discovery.

Trip to the scrap yard

Harry suspects the video shows the truth in the Black Guardian case, footage that shows RHD torturing Michael Harris. Harry and J. Edgar make a visit to the scrap yard to check the bathroom where Harris was questioned. They find evidence suggesting that a camera was hidden behind the bathroom mirror. If there were a camera here, it was not included in the original Internal Affairs investigation.

Harry questions the owner of the scrap yard. At first the owner denies any knowledge of a camera. Ultimately, Harry gets him to admit that he was monitoring employees who were ex-convicts.

Loose ends with Sheehan

The task force continues to try to resolve loose ends in the Elias murder. Could Frankie have had an accomplice? Pierce suggests looking for the slug that went through the Angels Flight driver.

Robertson visits Terry Drake giving him an opportunity to amend his statement in light of Frankie’s arrest. Drake says there is nothing to change. Drake also takes a dig at Robertson suggesting he is not a “real cop” like Drake and Sheehan.

Robertson and Pierce obtain the warrant to search Frankie’s garage. They find extra barrels and hollow points for his gun. This does not make sense. If Frankie had killed Elias, why would he not have used these instead of the build he turns over to Harry?

"Bosch: Season 4" - Titus Welliver in Season 4 of Bosch
“Bosch: Season 4” – Titus Welliver in Season 4 of Bosch

Harry “looks again”

When Snyder questions Harry’s investigative methods, he tells her that’s the way he does things, “Look. And look again.” That is exactly what Harry does as he stares at the suspect board in the task force room after speaking with ballistics. Harry asked how close the match was with the gun and is told the match was so close it could be made with a naked eye. Something does not add up.

Harry’s eyes land on the note about Frankie’s officer involved shooting where he killed Oscar Villanova. Harry goes to retrieve evidence from this case from storage. Items are missing from the box. The officer on duty tells Harry that someone had checked the box out a couple of days prior. When Harry asks who it was the officer gives the name Amy Snyder. Wait, what? And the credits roll.

Also of note:

  • Robertson makes it clear to J. Edgar that he knows that he and Harry are working Eleanor’s murder on the side.
  • J. Edgar tracks down poker dealer Tiffany Hsu for information on Eleanor’s last poker game at Golden Soup. Tiffany talks but is fearful for her safety. She is also surprised at just how much J. Edgar knows about that night.
  • Maddie is now wearing the engagement ring that Harry gave to Eleanor. She also tosses an acceptance letter from Chapman University while attending to Eleanor’s apartment with Grace.
  • Crate and Barrel struggle to find any dirt on KTK until they learn that the gun he carried was stolen.
  • The woman whose phone was stolen by KTK arrives at the station to pick it up. She tracked it there with an app connected to her phone.
  • Chief Irving tells Bradley Walker that a person of interest in the retirement home fire works on one of Walker’s construction crew. Irving requests Walker’s help in facilitating contact. Walker agrees to the request.

As viewers, we are left wondering if Amy Snyder is a turncoat. This is a disconcerting development as we wonder about Amy Snyder’s intentions.

Meanwhile, we continue to see evidence of social media throughout the story. Sometimes it can be helpful and sometimes harmful. It is an unique beast that can reach a large number very quickly. We also see that it leaves quite a trail in its wake as well.

I will be back to investigate Bosch episode 4.08 bringing us even closer to the season’s end.


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