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‘Bosch’: Investigating episode 4.04 ‘Past Lives’

Published on April 24th, 2018 | Updated on April 24th, 2018 | By FanFest

Sunday night turns to Monday on the fourth installment of Bosch season 4. Frankie Sheehan comes clean with Bosch and J. Edgar officially returns to work.

Things are moving full steam ahead in the Howard Elias murder case. Then a second murder brings things to a screeching halt and forever changes the lives of Harry and Maddie Bosch.

Sheehan talks and runs

So, perhaps Frankie Sheehan was not intoxicated when he shows up at Harry’s house. Perhaps he is just very troubled. Frankie opens up to Harry and confesses that he was responsible for the horrific torture in the Black Guardian case. But Frankie firmly claims his innocence in the Elias murder at Angels Flight.

Harry takes possession of Frankie’s gun and offers him a spot on his couch for the night. Harry says they will head to the station in the morning to make a statement.

When Harry wakes up, Sheehan is gone. Jimmy Robertson is not happy that Bosch did not bring Frankie in to the station immediately the night before. We learn that Frankie has emptied his bank account and can no longer be reached by phone.

His disappearance makes him look guilty. Furthermore, a video from an officer involved shooting deposition shows Frankie threatening Elias with the idea of shooting him in the same fashion that Elias was just murdered. That makes him look really guilty.

Later that day, Robertson and Pierce search Sheehan’s home and find another gun.

"Bosch: Season 4" - Amy Aquino and Paul Calderón in Season 4 of Bosch.
“Bosch: Season 4” – Amy Aquino and Paul Calderón in Season 4 of Bosch.

Eleanor gets a call

Eleanor looks for Maddie Monday morning, but she is not there. Eleanor gets a phone call from Reggie. While she is happy to hear from him, the call ends with the two deciding to break up.

Eleanor calls Harry wanting to discuss the situation with Reggie and how she should approach sharing the news with Maddie.

Justice for Elias

Constituents are lined up at the Police Commissioners meeting to address their concerns. Ms. Zealy, the woman who was talking to a reporter at the vigil for Howard Elias, chastises the board accusing LAPD of murdering Elias. She demands justice for Elias. The crowd begins chanting “No justice, no peace”.

Officers attempt to remove Desiree Zealy from the room and someone throws a water bottle, which hits one of the officers. Ms. Zealy is escorted out of the vocal crowd.

Oh, right, the KTK was at the board meeting, too. What?

Chief Irving collects some intelligence on Ms. Zealy and then asks to speak with her before she is released. He chastises her for her choice of tactics at the board meeting and discourages any violence at the protest. She responds with saying the FBI should investigate Elias’ murder not the LAPD.

Zealy also calls Irving out about his promises of change. He says still will make change. She insists that Harry Bosch is not qualified based on his numerous officer involved shootings. Desiree asks to leave.

Eleanor gets another call

Eleanor meets Harry at a restaurant. The two of them talk outside about how to best help Maddie through the breakup of Reggie and Eleanor. Eleanor gets a call from a private number and ignores it.

We learn that Reggie has familial ties to triads in China. Eleanor’s work with the FBI has been a great source of contention. Eleanor had given Reggie an ultimatum. She demanded that he choose either his family with her and Maddie or his uncle involved in organized crime.

Eleanor decides to talk to Maddie that evening and makes a quick exit. Harry hears her phone ring again, private number. He calls her name and waves the phone. A motorcycle with two passengers zooms past Eleanor and fires multiple shots at her. Eleanor falls to the ground.

Harry rushes to her side and begins chest compressions. It’s too late. Eleanor is gone.

Harry goes to tell Maddie the news at school. He then takes her to the station and Jerry offers to take her to Latonya’s house while Harry returns to the scene of the crime.

Harry is on the case

Harry confronts Special Agent Jay Griffin and accuses him of getting Eleanor killed. Harry makes his statement to the Feds.

As expected, Harry begins sniffing out any clues he can find to identify who murdered Eleanor and why. When he picks up Maddie from Latonya’s house, he gives her Eleanor’s cell phone to give to Jerry. He tells her that Jerry will know what to do. It looks like Harry and J. Edgar are officially working as a team again.

Poor Maddie is in such pain and wants to see her mother’s body. Harry tries to dissuade her.

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Also of note:

  • The Mayor’s office is particularly worried about the Desiree Zealy’s protest scheduled for Sunday.
  • Robertson tries unsuccessfully to get information from Rooker about Sheehan.
  • Latonya confronts J. Edgar about lying about being assigned to the task force.
  • Harry gets a call about a person of interest in the arson case at the River Watch retirement community. The original detective that worked Harry’s mother’s murder died in this fire.



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