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‘Bosch’: Investigating episode 4.02 ‘Dreams of Bunker Hill’

Published on April 15th, 2018 | Updated on April 25th, 2018 | By FanFest

The task force is in full swing during the second episode of Bosch season 4.

‘Dreams of Bunker Hill’ opens with a timestamp of 10:00 a.m. on Saturday the morning after Howard Elias’ murder on Angels Flight. J. Edgar is back at Hollywood Division looking for his chair and Harry finds himself working alongside his courtroom archenemy.

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J. Edgar is back

Jerry is due back to work on Monday but decides to come in a couple of days early to get his desk back in order. His colleagues are ribbing him about coming back at all instead of taking medical pension and riding off into the sunset. But that’s not J. Edgar. Actor Jamie Hector talks about Jerry’s dedication to being a police office in a recent interview on the Everybody Counts Podcast.

Jerry moves around the office collecting his personal items that fellow detectives have procured during his absence. He is particularly miffed about his missing chair but swiftly calls out Crate for using it. Crate then blames Barrel in usual Crate and Barrel antics.

Interim Captain Billets assigns Jerry to audit some files while he is there. Eventually, he gets a more relevant assignment when Detective Pierce asks for his help on the Elias case.

Things seem to be going well with Latonya. They plan a family movie night at his house and he only ends up being 15 minutes late.

Apartment hunting

Harry makes an “unwarranted” visit to the Bunker Hill apartment of Howard Elias. The bed is unmade and some makeup items are lying on the counter in the bathroom.

Harry finds case files lying on the desk. There are photos of RHD detectives Stan Pipes, Jeremy Fix, Francis Sheehan, and Terry Drake. Of course, Terry Drake is Robertson’s former partner, now retired. Sheehan was seen in episode 1 looking rundown at the crime scene the night before. A fellow detective questioned Sheehan’s presence at the site suggesting he is not on active duty.

Then comes the legal search of the apartment. Robertson and Pierce are headed that way when Robertson enlists J. Edgar’s help with the remaining warrants and some phone tech.

Elias’ apartment looks a little different this time around. The bed is now made. All traces of female toiletries are gone. The case files are stacked and organized on the desk.

Robertson searches for Howard Elias’ car in the parking garage. He finds a match from clicking the key fob remote. Robertson looks around the car and notices that two parking spaces are assigned to Elias.

Detective Robertson asks if there are cameras documenting the comings and goings from the garage. He establishes that there was indeed a female there the night prior. It was Pamela Duncan.

Who is Pamela Duncan?

Robertson makes a visit to Pamela’s home. Her husband answers the door. She agrees to speak with the detective if they can take her dog for a walk.

We learn the Pamela Duncan is a jury consultant. We also learn why she wanted to speak with Robertson privately. Pamela and Howard were having an affair. She was consulting Elias on the Black Guardian case at the same time.

Pamela shares that Howard had recently taken a more civic approach to his work in hopes of making a difference not just money. Robertson asks Pamela if Elias’ wife was aware of the affair. She says no but that his son Martin found out and began making cruel phone calls and sending text messages, anonymously, of course.

An unlikely pairing

Harry learns from Snyder that a Special Master has been assigned to oversee the legalities of the case. It is none other than Harry’s nemesis Honey ‘Money’ Chandler. Chandler has been relentless in her efforts to disparage Harry’s reputation on multiple occasions in the courtroom.

I think it’s safe to say that both Harry and Honey can be bullheaded. Despite some ideological differences, however, they seem to have some degree of respect for each other’s perseverance.

They team up to visit plaintiff Michael Harris at the hotel where Elias was keeping him before trial. This is probably a good time to note that Harry looks totally boss in his aviator shades walking into the hotel!

Chandler calls for Harris at the door and he opens it. Harry charges in knocking Harris down.

Harris panics at the site of a cop, and understandably so, after the horrific story he tells of his interrogation at the hands of RHD.  Michael is convinced that cops killed Howard Elias. We learn that Howard Elias was going to put Michael Harris on the stand to tell his account of the incident because “the truth is always the best story”.

Harris explains that he finally agreed to the officer’s demands to stop the unimaginable pain of the pencil shoved through his ear. He told them he would take them to the location of the young girl. Since he was making one up, he selected a location far away presumably to buy more time.

Sure enough, the detectives received word before arriving at the made-up location that the girl’s body had been found dumped by her father. So, wait, did her father dump the body or merely find the body?

It’s a harrowing tale on all fronts.

Bosch and Snyder

While Chandler and Bosch are very up front about their disdain for one another, Snyder is struggling with her resentment over being paired with Bosch. She continues to express frustration behind his back and makes passive aggressive comments to him.

The two visit the morgue to use Elias’ cold dead fingerprint to unlock his phone that Harry found earlier. Harry calls the number used to send the message about being at Angels Flight in ten minutes. There is no voicemail message or identifying information when Harry calls.

Snyder finally confronts Harry about the tension between them. She says she has no regrets about processing the 128 complaint against him. Despite her frustrations over the complaint, she expresses that she still wants to learn from him and be a detective. He just needs to stop treating her poorly.

With the air a little clearer between the two of them, Bosch asks her about the Black Guardian case. He asks her, if the torture was indeed true, who would most likely be the culprit. She quickly responds that she thinks Drake would be based on the volume of complaints filed against him.

Bosch finally trusts Snyder with a bigger task. He asks her to talk to Howard’s associate Alex Kaplan about Martin Elias’ arrest report. Kaplan explains that usually Howard made his son’s arrests go away, but this last time he wanted Martin to be held more accountable.

Kaplan also talked to Snyder about Howard’s practice of working alone holding all strategies close to the vest. Despite knowing that Howard would not have hired him if he did not think he was a good lawyer, Kaplan still seems to be carrying resentment towards his late employer.

The task force discusses motives. The RHD detectives are high on the list. We hear that Francis Sheehan has an OIS on his record. They also discuss the possibility of Martin Elias, especially given his history with drug use.

Maddie confronts Eleanor

While not expressly saying the establishment’s name, Maddie and Eleanor share some conversation about what must be the In-and-Out fast food chain. Secret menus, the identifiable containers – it seems to be a match.

Maddie manages to turn the conversation to Reggie when Eleanor claims she could make the same potatoes. Maddie wants to know if and when Reggie is coming to L.A. Eleanor dodges the question knowing full well that Reggie is missing according to Special Agent Jay Griffin.

Maddie walks in to the house frustrated with Eleanor’s vagueness. Later, Harry arrives home and Maddie offers him some of the fast food and they talk. She shares her frustration with Eleanor but says she will keep trying because that’s what you do when you are a Bosch. Harry smiles and falls asleep.

Maddie returns later and puts a blanket over Harry. (Interestingly, I notice that Maddie’s shirt has a picture of an owl reminding me of the creepy owl statue in Gunn’s apartment last season.)

What do you know? Harry’s asleep and it’s not the 1970’s! Notes about his mother’s murder case lie on the table beside him.

Eleanor’s poker game

Eleanor is dressed to the nines as she walks to her poker game with the Chinese group she and Griffin were talking about. There is an eerie feeling as she walks into a dark kitchen and is accosted by someone named Ting. He leads her to the poker table.

Eleanor wins the first hand and is congratulated by Ken Lin, the gentleman wearing the baseball hat. Before they can start the next round, Ting returns telling them the game is over and the guests need to leave immediately. Ken Lin protests and someone named Shiwei Chen argues with Ken Lin and beats him terribly.

Eleanor stops at the restroom before exiting the building. She sets up her phone video recorder in the ladies room and leaves with it just sticking out of her purse enough to record the group of men.

In another creepy turn of events, we see Shiwei Chen watching Eleanor from the window as she walks to her car.

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In other news:

  • We do not see a lot of Chief Irving this episode, but he does hold a meeting regarding a candlelight vigil planned for Howard Elias. The team tries to determine how much police presence should be there and the ramifications of their decision.
  • KTK is still on the prowl. My heart felt like it leaped out of my chest when he runs into Honey Chandler walking alone at night. With the camera angle used, we did not see him coming and it really surprised me. Chandler continues walking unscathed after giving KTK an earful. KTK stops at the candlelight vigil for Howard Elias.
  • Someone named Ms. Zealy speaks to a reporter at candlelight vigil.
  • President of the Police Commission, Bradley Walker, calls Harry to his home for an update as part of his “robust civilian oversight” of the Elias case. He inquires about Harry’s cold case, which is interesting move if he indeed is her murderer. Bosch replies in a polite tone with undertones of veiled threat.
  • Billets mentions that a fellow precinct is understaffed due to helping another division with some gang-related activity
  • X-Ray content: Michael Connelly tweeted about the extra content available under the X-Ray menu during and after watching an episode. I have particularly enjoyed the discussions from the writers room and trivia about locations used in filming. And if you just cannot recall a character’s name, you can click in the X-Ray area for a list of actors and their characters in the current scene. So, look to the left for the X-Ray section!

Things moved along quickly during episode 2. We come away with new intelligence regarding the evidence and players in the case. We have eight more episodes to find out what really happened to Howard Elias. And can someone please nab the KTK?

I will be back to break down episode 3. Hold fast.


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