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BOSCH: Investigating episode 3.09 “Clear Shot”

Published on May 8th, 2017 | Updated on May 8th, 2017 | By FanFest

The good guys pull together and the bad guys turn on themselves in Bosch episode 3.09 “Clear Shot”.

First of all, I am thrilled that I was wrong in my suspicion that Edgar would not survive the “clear shot” from vengeful sniper Xavi Moreno. And I have to give a shout out to director Stephen Gyllenhaal on how beautifully the opening sequence was shot.

Yes, it was a very tense scene as fellow officers rescued Jerry Edgar, but the display of loyalty, commitment, and bravery by his brothers in blue was inspiring. My heart swelled with pride as the officers worked together seamlessly to carry their colleague to safety.

Granted, I was still very afraid for Edgar, but fortunately we did not have to wait long to hear from Chief Irving that Jerry was going to make it. What a relief!

A box office fail

Rudy Tafero waits in the interrogation room with great frustration wanting his brother to be released. Jimmy arrives to explain the delay, sharing that J. Edgar has been shot. Rudy actually shows a shred of humanity when he seems genuinely concerned for Jerry. He agrees to wait longer and accepts the offer of another cup of coffee – less sugar, please!

Tracey’s investigative journalism: I pause to bring you this intel from Harry Bosch actor, Titus Welliver. You probably recall Harry suggesting that Rudy taking sugar in his coffee was wimpy. Bosch, on the other hand, is a black coffee guy all the way! So, just for kicks, I decided to ask the actor how he takes his coffee.

That was my hunch, confirmed. (Personally, I pass on the sugar, but I do take a little creamer in my coffee. And I can assure you that as mom to a special needs child, I am pretty darn tough, just saying!)

Rudy reaches his limit for waiting and bursts out of the room saying he will be back tomorrow. Jimmy obliges while cleverly dropping word of the surveillance tape showing Jesse at Gunn’s apartment. Rudy decides to stay.

In hopes of keeping his brother out of prison, Rudy decides to talk. He shares how Holland planned the Gunnmurder scene like one of his movies, even going so far as story boarding the event, including the exact placement of the creepy garden owl. Rudy reveals that he has the story board drawings in his possession.

Benitez is called in to confer about a plea agreement. Rudy agrees to cooperate in taking down Andrew Holland.

Harry and Maddie make a visit to Edgar who is rather groggy from the pain medication. But Jerry recognizes the friendly faces and visits briefly with the pair.

As Harry walks away, Jerry mutters that he knows about the cameras. Maddie notices that her dad seems distracted in the car as they leave and wonders what Jerry said to Harry. Harry lies and says he could not make out what his partner said.

"Bosch: Season 3" - (L to R) Madison Lintz as Maddie Bosch, Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch
“Bosch: Season 3” – (L to R) Madison Lintz as Maddie Bosch, Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch

Under the watchful eye of the detectives and Benitez, Rudy makes a phone call to Holland. Holland is hysterical that he has not heard from Tafero for 24 hours. After a brief meltdown, Holland brags that he is close to not even having to go to trial.

Rudy “assures” him that all is fine with Jesse and that he has something for Holland that should make certain that the director will not be convicted. The two make plans for Rudy to meet Holland at his house at 8:00 that evening.

When Rudy arrives at Holland’s house, he is met with more bragging from the director about how everyone is going to want to collaborate with him now in the film business. In very disturbing fashion, Holland also relishes in talking about the experience of killing Donatella Spear.

Rudy brings out the story board folder saying he has a new script for Holland. Holland scoffs at the suggestion saying he only uses his own material. Well, how convenient! Rudy pulls out the drawings drafted by Holland for the Gunn murder set up to frame Bosch. Holland panics and asks Rudy what he wants. Rudy tells Holland to make him an offer.

Of course, Rudy is recording everything and passes the recording off to Benitez who is waiting outside with Bosch, Robertson, and Pierce.

I love the next scene where the detectives converge upon and surround Holland in his home. Again, I credit director Gyllenhaal with the juxtaposition of this scene and the episode’s opening. Holland is a despicable character being surrounded for arrest. Edgar is surrounded in the opening sequence as an honorable man for rescue.

“Youngblood” Detective Pierce formally arrests Holland. Later that evening, Jimmy shares the details of solving the Gunn case with L.A. Times reporter, Scott Anderson.

The next day Jimmy tells Bosch about the newspaper story by Scott Anderson. Bosch calls Jimmy out for being the original media leak after all. Jimmy coyly replies that he will talk about that if Bosch will reveal what he is hiding. Bosch dismisses the idea, but Jimmy pledges to keep trying to find out what Bosch has withheld.

The “Band of Brothers” breaks

Captain Trevor Dobbs has not yet left for Canada. He hears the news report about a sniper shooting Jerry Edgar. He is nervous because this elevates the hunt for the remaining two soldiers, Javi and Dobbs.

Dobbs is tracking each soldier’s share of the stolen money by GPS. He makes a call to Xavi who finally answers and scolds Xavi about taking additional risk of exposure in going after Edgar. Xavi tells Dobbs he has made it to Tijuana. Dobbs can see on his phone tracker that Xavi is actually still in Los Angeles.

Xavi asks Dobbs why he has not left yet. Dobbs shares that he is going to try to recover Woody’s stash of the money at one of Woody’s surfing locations. Knowing full well that Xavi is also still in town, Dobbs tells Xavi it’s too bad he’s gone and cannot join him in the task. The two say goodbye and Xavi dumps his phone so as to eliminate any further tracking.

The next day Xavi appears aboard Trevor’s boat and tells him he is going to join him. Dobbs feigns surprise over Xavi coming all the way from Mexico to help him. Xavi hides the same knife used to kill Sharkey on the boat with the intent of getting the jump on the Captain.

Too late! Dobbs turns the tables on Xavi when he goes below deck to check a phony mechanical problem with the boat. Dobbs climbs the stairs gun in hand and fatally shoots Xavi.

Dobbs is the only one of the three soldiers left. Xavi’s share of the money has been recovered by the authorities in Baja. Only Dobbs, his share, and Woody’s share remain – but perhaps not for long. Bosch examines Woody’s SUV and finds maps of his surfing destinations. Will these two meet again?

In other news

  • Interim Chief Irving decides to make it a permanent gig and announces his acceptance of the offer, all after finally removing his wedding ring.
  • Harry dismisses Anita’s suggestion that they remain friends, saying “What’s the point?”
  • Edgar faces a long recovery after his shoulder is surgically pieced back together.
  • Robertson meets with pal Terry again and they discuss the likelihood of Jimmy making RHD.
  • RHD visits Bosch at the station to talk about arson being the cause of the fire killing retired Detective Caffrey who had been assigned to Harry’s mother’s murder case. Harry learns that Caffrey had maintained a full murder book on the case.

Episode 3.09 was quite a page turner! Now let’s get to the finale of Bosch season 3.

And then we wait . . . for season 4.

Stay tuned!





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