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BOSCH: Investigating episode 3.07 “Right Play”

Published on May 6th, 2017 | Updated on May 7th, 2017 | By FanFest

Emotions run high in Bosch season 3 episode 7 as Hollywood Division closes in on the bad guys.

Let’s talk

Maddie talks to her dad about plans for the Christmas holiday that will soon be upon them. She laments not having snow in the places she has grown up, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Harry seems distracted and Maddie inquires if he is concerned about talking to Internal Affairs about the recent 128 complaint. He brushes it off as more of a waste of time than anything else.

Harry later sits down with Sgt. Snyder and his chosen representative, Sgt. Mankiewicz, to formally discuss the 128 complaint surrounding Bosch’s heated exchange with D.A. O’Shea that was caught on video. Harry expresses his frustration with O’Shea’s motives. Harry learns that it was not O’Shea that filed the complaint after all. It turns out that “public perception” is also considered an injured party in this complaint.

Later Chief Irving meets with Commander Joel Dunbar and expresses hesitation with pursuing the Bosch complaint at this time. He makes mention of the upcoming Holland trial and how that could be impacted.

Chief Irving also has a talk with Captain Lewis. Lewis shares some concerns about Lt. Billets being so comfortable in her current position. Irving brings up the personal connection with Lewis now being married to Grace’s ex-husband. Lewis assures him that there is no issue there.

In other Irving news, the Captain takes Jun Park to a fancy rooftop dinner. Jun is impressed with Irvin having his own table at the restaurant and the Chief explains that he wanted the evening to be special. They discover that they both are fond of the theme music used for Xena: Warrior Princess. They share a chuckle and decide to linger longer.

“Watch” ya doing?

The connections between the Holland trial and Gunn murder are becoming more obvious. Bosch consults with Robertson and Pierce about bringing in Jesse Tafero for questioning and getting a DNA swab of his watch. They are still pursuing the possibility of a choke hold being used on Gunn based on skin imprints that look like those of a watch.

Jimmy and Pierce pay a visit to Jesse’s workplace under the guise of asking for his help in a case. Tafero agrees to come into the station to talk.

When Jesse is placed in an interrogation room for a long wait, his frustration level is obvious. Jimmy plays it smooth as Jesse gives a very canned version of his whereabouts the evening of Gunn’s murder.

Bosch calls Jimmy out of the room to talk. Harry wants Jimmy to slow down so that he can get more out of Jesse. He also warns that if Jesse’s watch is not the one used in a choke hold, it could tip off the owner of the actual watch. Jimmy continues to be suspicious of Harry’s motives in slowing down the interrogation.

Jimmy returns to the interrogation room and Jesse becomes more hostile as it becomes more and more clear that he is a suspect. Pierce and Robertson place Jesse under arrest and he is booked.

Jesse uses his phone call to reach his brother Rudy who promptly arrives at the station to demand that his brother be released. The detectives decide to let Jesse go. As Rudy drives away he stops briefly to toss his own watch down the sewer drain. Did Harry know it was Rudy?

When Rudy arrives back at Holland’s home, Holland is very nervous about what exactly Jesse told the cops. Rudy tells him not to worry because Jesse knew exactly what to say. Holland does not seem convinced.

We later see Harry once again reviewing his private surveillance footage at Gunn’s apartment complex where we see Jesse in plain view.

Meanwhile, Anita objects to potentially damaging information from Harry’s civil trial being brought up in the Holland trial. The judge denies her request and Fowkkes smugly says they are ready to go to trial.

Parental duties

Maddie finally convinces her dad to let her join the travel volleyball team. It turns out her mom, Eleanor, had already agreed some time ago to her participation.

Jerry learns that his son Jack has been hacking into his neighbor’s modem to illegally download language lessons. Jack apologizes and Jerry asks which lessons he was studying. Jack shares that he was trying to learn Russian, Chinese, and Gaelic.

(Tracey’s Trivia: Jerry’s neighbor Sam is played by Ernest Dickerson who has directed one or more episodes of Bosch every season. And for my fellow zombie fans, Mr. Dickerson has also directed many fans of The Walking Dead.)

“Woody” or wouldn’t he?

Jerry and Harry learn that the DNA results on the joint found outside Bosch’s house came back positive for surfing sniper Woody Woodrow, confirming for Harry that it was indeed Woody spying on Bosch.

Crate and Barrel finally find Xavi Moreno on the camera footage from the night of Sharkey’s murder. They are all ready to go arrest him convinced that he will “crack like a plumber’s butt” according to Barrel. Bosch shuts them down and says they have to talk to Woody first.

Bosch and Edgar go on stakeout at Woody’s apartment taking turns with some other officers. The two discuss their partnership and the trust that was broken when Edgar investigated Harry behind his back. Harry assures Edgar that they are partners on the case and he is “working on it” in regard to the rest. We sense that the trust can be rebuilt.

There is another surveillance shift change and Edgar decides to go for a coffee run while Bosch waits behind and receives a call about the missing SUV (the one that Woody was driving).

(Tracey’s Side Note: It was Archer’s Towing Company that called to report that an SUV had been found. Bosch and Edgar spoke with Helen Archer about her relationship with Meadows in episode 3. Any relation between Helen Archer and Archer’s Towing? It caught my attention and is nagging at me a bit.)

We then see Woody sitting on a picnic table talking on the phone about splitting town. Edgar sees Woody. Woody sees Edgar. Woody reaches for a weapon. Edgar fires shots. Woody is down.

Harry calls for backup and immediately runs to his partner’s side. His first concern is to find out if Jerry is okay. Jerry nods that he is. There is no doubt about the strength of their partnership.

“Bosch: Season 3” – Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch

Now Jerry faces interrogation about the shooting with the FID.

The question about Woody: “Woody” or wouldn’t he have shot Edgar if Edgar had not shot first.

Edgar confidently replies that it was very clear that Woody was reaching for his weapon even though Edgar did actually see Woody’s gun before he fired his own.

Meanwhile, Bosch finds that Xavi Moreno and Trevor Dobbs have left town. He shares this information with Billets and implores her to put officers on watch for Jerry who could be in danger of retribution from the others. Bosch reminds Billets that these guys are Special Forces and she readily complies with his request.

Bosch takes Edgar home and helps him work through the trauma of the close range shooting assuring Jerry that he made the right decision.

Finally, back at home Bosch stands on his deck watching a fire in the distance. He calls Mank on watch and finds out that it is the retirement community of the retired detective, Caffrey, that is burning. As you may recall, Caffey was the detective assigned to Bosch’s mother’s murder case.

So, what do you think? Did Edgar make the “Right Play” in Bosch episode 3.07? When is Harry going to share what he has on those surveillance tapes of Gunn? Is Edgar in danger? So many questions and only three more episodes to go. 

We will reconvene to discuss episode 8. Watch carefully!



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