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BOSCH: Investigating episode 3.05 “Blood Under The Bridge”

Published on April 30th, 2017 | Updated on March 19th, 2018 | By FanFest

Bosch episode 3.05 brings us half-way through the season but there is still much to be resolved. The episode is marked by strained relationships and regrets. 

Saying farewell

Hearts ache in the episode opener as Crate and Barrel notify Sharkey’s mom of his death. They do not have to say a word. She knows and the pain is so very visible on her face. I suspect she’s known this news would be coming for some time now and tried to put up a good front when Bosch visited her in the last episode.

The scene swaps back and forth between the visit to Ms. Neise and Harry’s visit to the coroner’s office to look at Sharkey’s wounds.

These events are marked by few spoken words but set to the poignant music of “Going Home”, an instrumental performed by Charlie Haden and Hank Jones. The song so perfectly sets the tone of those saying goodbye to the young hustler. We all wanted better for Sharkey.

Bosch and Edgar are still a team

Bosch is still recovering from what he sees as a betrayal from Jerry who was investigating evidence that pointed at Harry for the Gunn murder.

Harry joins Crate and Barrel on a visit to Sharkey’s surviving friends, one of which believes he recognizes Xavi Moreno as the man who picked up Sharkey on the night of his murder. Harry and Edgar join forces again and pay a visit to Xavi. Xavi plays it cool, annoyingly cool I say, and denies any involvement claiming he spent the evening with his “chica”.

Bosch and Edgar don’t buy it. Edgar checks out the restaurant Xavi claimed he and his girlfriend visited but the restaurant does not remember Xavi. They also suspect that Xavi’s job running charters could not possibly support his lifestyle. Things do not add up.


Bosch is still seeing Anita. The pair goes out for a meal with Maddie. Maddie finds an ambiguous way to insult Anita’s jewelry and suggests a location that makes them wait in a long line. Anita is convinced Maddie does not like her but that she will win her over in the end.

Harry is upset when Anita informs him that she told O’Shea that Annabelle would testify in the Holland case knowing full well that Annabelle has refused. Anita claims Harry can still sway Annabelle.


Harry attends Maddie’s volleyball game where he again encounters Becca’s dad Phil. Harry is none too pleased when Phil again brings up the ticket he asked Harry to resolve.

Maddie discusses joining the travel volleyball team with her dad. When Harry protests about not seeing her as much, she takes the opportunity to take a jab at the amount of time he’s been spending with Anita.


Grace meets with Bosch and Robertson over the tension regarding the Gunn case. They discuss the theory about Holland trying to frame Bosch. Grace instructs Robertson to shut down any story being pursued by the Los Angeles Times reporter.

We learn that Captain Ellen Lewis is now married to Grace’s ex-husband John. I did not see that coming. Things are a tad awkward when Grace picks up daughter Lisa from a visit with her dad and Ellen offers Grace a drink.

To make matters worse for Grace, she learns that she is not even close to making captain. She blames her relationship with Kiz for keeping her from promotion. She is disappointed but confides in Bosch that she may be more upset about not getting the promotion than actually wanting to be a captain.


FBI agent Luke Goshen pays a visit to Bosch to update him on findings about Trevor Dobbs, Xavi, and Woody. He has learned that the threesome has spent time in the Middle East that suggests smuggling of some sort. He mentions the possibility of drugs, money, and antiquities. Meadows was noticeably absent from their last trip, however.

We are treated to some lighter moments as we watch Goshen struggle with feeling stifled in the FBI office environment. He welcomes the opportunity to meet with Bosch off campus. I hope he will continue as a recurring character and ally in season 4.

Merch delivers

We recently learned that a man named Merch was involved with Dobbs and crew in some fashion. Merch appears to be a dock worker that is helping transfer “goods” to Dobbs and company. Merch breaks into a shipping container and transfers the contents to a van driven by Woody.

Later we see Dobbs, Xavi and Woody celebrating as they rifle through the loot – money, lots and lots of money.

In contrast, we see Merch awash on the shore, dead, presumably murdered.

Can Bosch please go ahead and catch these guys already??

Holland goes for a swim

Holland struggles in frustration as he tries to cover his ankle bracelet for a swim. Fowkkes shares the plan for a social media campaign to raise suspicions about Bosch in the Gunn case to hurt his testimony.

Rudy appears to be flirting with Holland’s assistant Marissa. Is there something going on there? And Marissa seems to match the description that the bail bondsman gives Robertson and Pierce of the woman who bailed Gunn out of jail not long before his murder. The plot thickens.

Other news:

  • Chief Irving finalizes his divorce. He is disappointed when Connie sends her brother as power of attorney instead of showing up herself.
  • The man on the bike a.k.a. KTK is seen quietly walking up to two women gardening. As he pulls something from his bag, you fear it will be a gun. But he pulls out some gardening supplies to join them. Hmmm?

So, it’s official. We only have five more episodes to investigate in Bosch season 3. The LAPD seems to be closing in on Holland, Dobbs, Woody, and Xavi. Is everything as it seems? Join me for episode 6 to look for new clues and new reveals.

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