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BOSCH: Investigating episode 3.04 “El Compadre”

Published on April 28th, 2017 | Updated on May 3rd, 2017 | By FanFest

Bosch moves full steam ahead with episode 3.04 “El Compadre”. It’s chock-full of confrontation, some of it deadly.

Is Bosch a suspect?

Robertson struggles with how to proceed with his doubts about Bosch’s involvement in the Ed Gunn case. He bends the ear of a former colleague named Terry. Terry suggests that Jimmy get the suspicions about Bosch out in the open without tying it to himself directly.

And what do you know? Billets gets a call from the Times reporter inquiring about a tip suggesting that Bosch is under investigation. Grace calls the tip “bogus”.

Edgar and Billets meet to review all the findings associated with Bosch in the Gunn case. They discuss Robertson’s suspicions about a possible choke hold being used on Gunn. Edgar updates Billets on the surveillance camera he found at Gunn’s place and explains the phrase found on the bottom of the creepy owl there. He explains the association with painter Hieronymus Bosch.

The pair firmly agrees that Bosch is not a suspect but that clearly he is being framed. But by who? Grace suggests director Andrew Holland who is under house arrest for the murder of Spears. He clearly has ill will towards Bosch who is helping with the prosecution’s case against Holland.

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Meanwhile, Harry picks up a voicemail from former partner Rick Jackson who reveals that Edgar met with him about Bosch. Harry is fuming and rifles through Edgar’s files finding notes about Bosch. Harry confronts Edgar. Jerry explains that he was just coming to talk to Harry about the situation and that he never thought Harry was a suspect.

Things are icy between the two partners as they go to speak with Los Angeles Times reporter Scott Anderson about his source that claims someone inside the department is being investigated for the Gunn murder. Anderson denies Jimmy as being the source. Bosch does not buy the denial.

Dobbs and company

Captain Dobbs and his unit are certainly cute but most definitely trouble.

Early in the episode we see Bosch bagging evidence where Woody’s car was parked the night before.

Dobbs grills Woody about whether or not Bosch knows he was the one watching his house. Woody says he was not made. Dobbs is still concerned and puts Xavi on Bosch patrol.

Xavi begins tailing Bosch as he and Maddie go for a driving lesson. Bosch gets distracted with the tail and Maddie swipes a car’s side view mirror. The two are shaken but unharmed. Bosch suggests Maddie get a professional driving instructor, to which Maddie agrees a little too quickly for her dad’s ego.

Xavi continues to stalk Harry as he meets again with Sharkey. Bosch confronts Sharkey about lying about entering the RV where Meadows was killed. They review the details of the case again, all while Xavi watches from a distance. Sharkey mentions that he heard a thud at the crime scene.

Edgar and Bosch try to track down Woody at his rental. The landlord knocks on Woody’s door to no avail. She advises that the surfer can be gone for long stretches at a time but that he is a good tenant. Bosch leaves word that they want to talk to him about Meadows.

The two detectives also meet with a veteran artist that is familiar with Dobbs’ unit. He recognizes most of the men in the photos Harry shows him. He even recognizes the woman in the photo found with Meadows’ belongings, but he does not know her name. The artist talks about scams run among the soldiers involving the diversion of money and gold.

A scene of Dobbs, Woody, and Xavi playing pool introduces us to a new character they call Merch. Merch arrives in good spirits suggesting they are all set for a mysterious maneuver.

Setbacks with the Holland case

Harry sees his personal items out of place at home and asks Maddie if she moved them. She did not. He looks through his files at home and senses things have been moved. He goes to Rudy Tafero’s home and accuses him of breaking into his home. Rudy denies any such activity and also denies tampering with witness Annabelle Crowe. We know that part is a lie for sure.

Harry tracks down Annabelle after exercising. She has not been returning calls. She says she can no longer testify and have her prostitution exposed. Bosch tries to convince her otherwise but she refuses.

Hearts mending, hearts breaking

Chief Irving decides to meet with CRT volunteer Jun Park. He asks her how she got involved with the unit. She shares about the murder of her brother. The two have both experienced tragic loss. Irving mentions the possibility of asking her out on a date. She coyly suggests that would be okay with her. The conversation is endearing and suggests some hope for Irving to find companionship.

In an extremely heartbreaking turn of events, Xavi solicits Sharkey and drives him to the tunnel at the Hollywood Bowl. Xavi asks Sharkey if the two have met previously. We know that Xavi fears that Sharkey could identify Xavi from the Meadows crime scene. Sharkey does not think they have met before, but he is stunned when Xavi uses his name, which he has not shared with Xavi. We know it’s bad news from here. Xavi cuts Sharkey and leaves him to bleed out.

Barrel calls Harry to the scene. He brings Maddie along so she is not home alone. He has her stay in the car. As she sees her dad return to the car, she can see that Harry is visibly shaken.

Happy Birthday Max!

Max Arciniega, who plays Xavi, was a player in the recent season 2 of another one of my favorite shows, Colony on USA Network. I reached out to him on Twitter when we were introduced to Xavi on Bosch.

And today is Max’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Max!

Join me as we continue to journey through Bosch season 3 on Amazon Prime. Sadly, all the breaks are not just ones in the case, but ones in our hearts as well. Longtime Bosch fans are familiar with the emotional toll that every case takes on our hero detective.

But Bosch is not one to back down and we can count on him to keep fighting for justice.

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