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BOSCH: Investigating episode 3.03 “God Sees”

Published on April 25th, 2017 | Updated on May 3rd, 2017 | By FanFest

Bosch episode 3.03 “God Sees” introduces new characters and new doubts. Things are getting complicated!

Parallel Gunn investigations

"Bosch: Season 3" - Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch
“Bosch: Season 3” – Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch

Harry and Jerry are each running their own personal investigation into the Ed Gunn murder, while the official detective team of Robertson and Pierce is on the case as well.

Harry is trying to remove any evidence of his surveillance of Ed Gunn. When the episode opens Harry is removing the surveillance camera outside Ed Gunn’s apartment. He also enters the apartment to retrieve the camera in the smoke detector, but it is gone. Harry is clearly concerned over the camera’s whereabouts.

Of course, viewers know that Jerry Edgar has the camera. Edgar asks a tech to dust the camera for fingerprints off the books. Jerry also visits an expert on painter Hieronymus Bosch. They discuss the Latin phrase found on the bottom of the creepy owl in Gunn’s apartment which translates to “Beware, beware. God sees.” The expert shares detail about the artist’s dark perspective and penchant for depicting evil. Edgar grows even more concerned that Harry could be responsible for the Gunn murder.

Detectives Pierce and Robertson proceed with the official investigation by visiting Gunn’s sister. The sister insists that while her brother was not a great man, he was not guilty of Bosch’s accusations. She claimed that Bosch relentlessly stalked her brother trying to make him confess to crimes he did not commit.

Jerry Edgar also visits Bosch’s old partner who described the horrible scene the night they entered Gunn’s apartment to find him assaulting a prostitute. The woman, not wanting to reveal her profession, refused to testify. O’Shea refused to prosecute Gunn without her testimony. All of this information weighs heavy on Edgar as he continues to explore the possibility of Harry enacting revenge on Gunn.

New intel in the Meadows case

Bosch and Edgar track down members of Meadows’ Special Forces team. Harry meets with Trevor Dobbs at his home where Dobbs claims to have no knowledge of Meadows’ murder. Dobbs now runs a security consulting firm called Comprehensive Solutions.

We later see Dobbs directing sniper practice with two other vets from Meadows’ unit. Xavi and Woody are their names. Woody has been seen on stakeout outside of Harry’s home. He claims that Harry is not a threat and that all of his conversations are innocuous. Not a threat? Are these guys behind Meadows’ homocide? They certainly sound guilty.

Meanwhile, Young Sharkey is picked up by Officers Powers and Edgewood for questioning. The young hustler insists that he did not see who stopped at the RV the night of Meadows’ murder. He claims he did not go near the RV after they left. All he will share is that it was probably a black SUV. Harry shares a photo of Meadows’ Army comrades but Sharkey claims no recognition.

Bosch gives Sharkey a soda before leaving the interrogation room. Could he be collecting fingerprints to see if Sharkey visited the RV? That is uncertain, but viewers are definitely certain that Sharkey entered the RV and found Meadows dead.

Bosch also visits Charlie Company to seek information on William Meadows. He learns of a close friend name Helen Archer. Edgar and Bosch visit Archer who is visibly upset about the death of her friend. She shares that he had been “a wreck” and unfit to ever return to the Middle East as a private contractor despite his boasting that he would. She shares that he had a friend by the name of Woody (ahem!) who falsely misled him about future possibilities of prosperity.

Harry confers with a couple of other colleagues as well. Harry also asks FBI agent Luke Goshen (featured prominently in Bosch season 2) to see what he can uncover members of Meadows unit. Detective Ignacio Ferras tells Harry that Meadows seemed to have some bad history with his former Army unit.

Trouble in paradise

Poor Chief Irving visits ex-wife Connie at their old home to pick up some of his late son’s belongings. The two speak briefly about Connie’s new home and Irving shares that he is considering relocation.

Maddie and Harry butt heads when Harry tells her that dinner is ready and she does not want to stop talking to her friend online. It may be the first time we’ve seen Maddie act disrespectful to her dad. Harry seems hurt.

And on the romantic front, Anita seems frustrated with Bosch’s lack of gusto about their relationship. Harry is not very enthusiastic when she suggests finally meeting Maddie. He also asks her for a rain check when she suggests getting together that evening. Harry seems distracted by life right now.

"Bosch: Season 3" - (L to R) Jamie Hector as Jerry Edgar, Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch
“Bosch: Season 3” – (L to R) Jamie Hector as Jerry Edgar, Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch

Defending Holland

Andrew Holland’s defense attorney Fowwkes is concerned about Annabelle Crowe coming forward with the story of her disturbing interaction with the accused director. He asks Holland’s security detail, Rudy, to uncover something about Crowe that they can use against her.

Rudy seemingly uncovers her side job as an escort when he invites her to his hotel room. On the professional front Bosch and Anita are disappointed but not surprised that the defense have found a way to inhibit Crowe’s testimony.

A very close call

Woody is down the hill from Bosch’s home when he decides to light up for a smoke. Bosch is on his deck and sees the flicker of light from Woody’s vehicle. Bosch is at his steely best when he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Harry comes up behind Woody’s vehicle ready to confront him. Woody sees Bosch and immediately charges at Bosch in reverse. Always the quick thinker, Harry flings himself onto the car behind him saving his legs from being crushed by the car.

Woody flees the scene. Bosch is in hot pursuit, but Woody manages to exchange vehicles in a parking garage and drives away unidentified.

Bosch returns home and sullenly sits at the foot of Maddie’s bed as she sleeps. His world is a scary place. Can he ensure his daughter’s safety?

Actor Chistopher Backus and I both agree that his character is a slippery sucker when we tweeted about Woody.

The mystery man on the bike

The dangerous mystery cyclist resurfaces again in Koreatown. His bike rides are becoming more and more deadly as he shoots a young woman going to her car. Chief Irving arrives on the scene and shares his condolences with the woman’s parents via a translator and CRT (presumably standing for Crisis Response Team) member named Jun Park (played by Linda Park). We learn of KTK, the Koreatown Killer. More questions, less answers.

Here’s a special shoutout to Bosch fan Lyla Strauss who correctly picked out my use of the phrase “hold fast” in my 3.02 recap. I used the phrase in regard to my perseverance in recapping each Bosch episode before going on to the next one. I asked readers to identify the Bosch reference in my post and explain it in terms of Harry’s story. Here’s what Lyla had to say!

“Years ago, Harry had the saying “HOLD FAST” tattooed on his knuckles, but his commander made him repeatedly punch a brick wall to get rid of it as he didn’t like it.”

This brings us to the end of Bosch episode 3.03. We have 7 more episodes to get to the bottom of these cases. The mysteries are growing more complex and the questions are stacking up.

But one thing we know for sure is that we have even more Bosch in our future as a season 4 has been confirmed.



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