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BOSCH: Investigating episode 3.02 “The Four Last Things”

Published on April 23rd, 2017 | Updated on May 7th, 2017 | By FanFest

There is no downtime for Harry as Bosch season 3 continues to heat up in episode 2 titled “The Four Last Things”.


The story escalates quickly when Ed Gunn is found dead. But was it murder or suicide? New intel is uncovered in the William Meadows case. And accused murder suspect Andrew Holland reveals that his disdain for Harry runs very deep.


Let’s take a closer look at the advances made in our investigation  of Bosch season 3 during episode 2.


We confirmed that Anita Benitez and Harry are more than just colleagues collaborating on the Holland trial. The pair is seen flirting and kissing on a date at the record store. But Maddie is still hesitant to welcome Anita into the fold pointing out to Harry that Deputy D.A. Benitez does not even have a Facebook page. The horror!

Ed Gunn

Maddie also chastises her dad for getting home at 3 a.m. Viewers know that Harry went to Ed Gunn’s apartment complex after saying goodbye to Anita for the evening. Harry makes his way up to the top of a parking garage where he has a camera fixed on Gunn’s residence. Harry appears to change the tapes and starts to walk away when a car pulls into the complex and turns off its lights.


Harry watches as two men exit the vehicle, retrieve items from the trunk, and enter Gunn’s apartment. Bosch looks like he is about to make a phone call but quickly changes his mind and watches Gunn’s silhouette as the suspect is grabbed by the mystery men.


The next day Edgar and Bosch receive a call from Detective Robertson who shares that Gunn has been found dead on the ground below his apartment. The investigative team also includes Detective Pierce who we saw in seasons 1 and 2 as a beat cop. The team begins collecting evidence to determine if the death was a murder or a suicide.


Inside the apartment, Harry pulls a camera from a vent and places it in his pocket. He later is seen looking curiously at a smoke detector as well. Bosch takes photos of Gunn and the note left behind and sends them to District Attorney O’Shea’s phone. It turns out that O’Shea is the one who decided not to pursue the Gunn case years ago. Harry also notices a creepy looking owl on a bookshelf in the apartment.


Andrew Holland Case

We find further evidence of the beef between Holland and Bosch. Bosch is prepared to testify to a private conversation with Holland where the accused claims he will get away with the crime. Holland’s defense attorney tries to suppress Harry’s testimony but the judge decides to allow it.


Later we see Holland hosting a party at his home bragging about how Harry will be the one who will lose in the end. He talks about Harry’s rage over his mother, a prostitute, being murder by killer who was never brought to justice. Holland claims his innocence and tells his guests that Harry has singled him out unjustly.


We also learn that an actress named Annabelle Crowe has come forward with testimony about an episode with Holland where he attempted to choke her to death during a sexual encounter. Crowe blacked out but survived the attack escaping Holland’s home while he was in the shower. She shares that Holland claimed it was a sexual act gone too far but that he did not mean to harm her. When Crowe learns that Holland has been accused of Spear’s death in similar fashion, she feels she has to share her story.

That guy on the bike

The hat-wearing man on the bicycle resurfaces again, once early in the episode riding right by Harry. We see him again when a young Asian man exits a bar. The cyclist rides up to the young man as he is about to enter his car. The cyclist pulls out a gun and shoots the man.


Surely, we will learn more about this event in coming episodes. Or perhaps it will bleed over into another season. But we know that the mystery cyclist has stolen a cell phone and shot someone.

William Meadows

There is some new intel in the Meadows case as well. The young tagger who was at the scene of the crime is identified as Thomas Niese, but he goes by the name Sharkey. We learn that Sharkey is also a hustler.


Sharkey accepts the solicitation of a wealthy man but ends up robbing him with the help of his crew before the rendezvous actually takes place. After Sharkey enters the man’s vehicle, two of Sharkey’s pals are again seen following the car on their motorbikes. They arrive as the car stops and attack the solicitor. This appears to be the groups modus operandi.


In other news, Bosch and Edgar retrieve Meadows’ belongings from a storage facility. They find his pelican box from the army. It has a false bottom containing medals, awards, and a host of photographs revealing multiple deployments for the victim.

Edgar gets suspicious

Edgar revisits the Gunn case when Robertson passes along his investigative report. He learns that Harry’s fingerprints were on a glass in Gunn’s apartment. Edgar is concerned for Harry. Harry says he took his gloves off when sending the crime scene photos to O’Shea, but we know that is not true. The viewers see Harry taking the photos with the gloves on.


Recall that in episode one, the man covering Gunn’s tab at The Smog Cutter bar is also seen reaching for Harry’s glass once the detective leaves with his takeout. It would appear that the glass has been planted, but why?


The autopsy reveals that Gunn was indeed murdered which makes Edgar even more concerned about Harry’s fingerprints at the scene. He discusses his concerns with Lt. Billets who advises him to keep looking into the possibility of Harry’s involvement on the down low.


Jerry Edgar revisits Gunn’s apartment alone. He finds a camera in the smoke detector, the one that Harry was looking at earlier. He also notices a series of photos on the refrigerator where the creepy owl currently on the bookshelf is noticeably absent. Edgar examines the owl and finds a Latin phrase on the bottom – Cave Cave Deus Vedit.


Jerry returns to the office to research the mystery phrase. It translates to “Beware, beware. God sees.” Jerry digs deeper and learns that the quote is associated with painter Hieronymus Bosch, whose portfolio includes a painting of an owl strikingly similar to the one in Gunn’s apartment.


Edgar fears that Harry could be responsible for Gunn’s death. Viewers suspect that Bosch is being set up. But why?


"Bosch: Season 2" - Amy Aquino as Grace Billets
“Bosch: Season 2” – Amy Aquino as Grace Billets

Girl problems

In other news, we find Lt. Billets facing the oral portion of her Captain’s exam. All is going well until a female examiner subtly brings up Grace’s relationship with Officer Rider in season 1. Will Grace’s past indiscretion adversely effect her exam?


Maddie talks with Harry about how the cool girls at school are now embracing her after Harry “agreed” to fix a speeding ticket for a fellow parent at the school. Little does Maddie know that Harry actually just threw the ticket in the trash.

More intel, more intrigue, more mystery! My investigation of Bosch season 3 is moving along at an exciting and rapid clip.


I am tempted to watch the remaining 8 episodes in full right now, but I will hold fast to my plan to review each episode with you one at a time.


P.S. (Readers who can explain my Harry reference in the last sentence might get a special mention in the next post!)





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  1. “Hold fast” is the tat Harry had on his knuckles. His Army instructor wouldn’t have his man with a ’squid’ saying on him so he had Harry punch a cinder block wall until his hand looked like hamburger. When it scabbed, he had Harry do it again till the tats were gone.


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