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‘BOSCH’: Interview with Madison Lintz at SCAD aTVfest, high praise from Titus Welliver

Published on February 14th, 2019 | Updated on February 15th, 2019 | By FanFest

Madison Lintz joined fellow cast mates at the 7th annual SCAD aTVfest to talk about her role on Bosch.

Madison Lintz portrays detective Harry Bosch’s daughter Madeline “Maddie” Bosch on the Amazon Prime original series. Her role has grown over the first four seasons of the detective series and she is swiftly becoming a fan favorite.

Lintz’s performance has been especially impressive given the heavy material presented to her last season in the wake of the death of her character’s mother and Harry’s ex-wife, Eleanor Wish.

Titus Welliver, who plays Harry Bosch, also spoke with me about Lintz’s performance and what it brings to the show saying:

Harry and Maddie’s relationship has really become the central pulse of the show. And we were very fortunate that we, first, struck gold in casting Madison [Lintz]. We sort of felt like we had lightning in a bottle.

Madison and I work so well together and have such a really good rapport. It’s not the Father Knows Best relationship. It’s very real, it’s very grounded and very authentic.

-Titus Welliver at SCAD aTVfest

Here’s what Madison had to say when we spoke before the SCAD aTVfest screening of the first episode of Bosch season 5.

Going into filming of Bosch season 5, were you hoping for your character to have some lighter material in contrast to the heartache Maddie faced in season 4?

Madison: I knew what she had in store and I’m going to try not to spoil anything. I knew there were a lot of changes in her life for this coming season, and I knew what happened in the previous season. So, I wanted to incorporate both things.

She had something really sad happen to her in season 4, so I wanted to make sure that you could tell she was taking on her new life in stride, but that there was still a time and place for her grief. What happened still has to exist, so I was trying to balance that.

Might we see Maddie Bosch in the college scene this season?

Madison: (coyly) We may.

She then teased a possible new hairdo for her character, but confessed that she was only kidding about the idea of it being a mohawk.

Interestingly, in a separate interview with Titus Welliver, he offered up a few more details on Maddie Bosch’s future in season 5. He revealed that Maddie would be working in the District Attorneys office. How’s that for a surprise?

I understand from Michael [Connelly] that his relationship with his own daughter is the inspiration for the Harry and Maddie relationship. Do you feel any pressure in trying to honor that on screen?

Madison: I think he’s such an amazing man to work with and I’m so honored to be in his books. I love to read. So, that’s something I’ve always wanted to be — a book to TV show or book to movie character adaptation.

I remember on my first day on the set, being 15, and I go up to [Michael] and say, ‘Hi, I haven’t finished your books yet, but I’m going to, and if there’s a list of anything you need me to do, let me know’ because I wanted to do it justice.


While I do not know Michael Connelly’s daughter personally, I assured Madison that I believe she has created a lovely character on screen. Her portrayal adds heart and inspiration to an already amazing story. Maddie Bosch is quite clever as well, just like her dad!

The screening of the Bosch episode was a big hit with the audience watching at the SCADshow theater. Fans have much to look forward to when season 5 is released this spring.

Once again, SCAD aTVfest provided an amazing opportunity for students, faculty, and fans to gain valuable insight into the production of a fantastic series like Bosch.



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