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‘Blumhouse’ would like to lobby for ‘Friday the 13th’ Reboot

Published on January 19th, 2018 | Updated on January 19th, 2018 | By FanFest

The Horror World found themselves in a state of glee after learning that Blumhouse Productions would be rebooting John Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween. Essentially, because it was the film that shaped the ‘slasher’ franchise in regards to the horror genre. Another film that follows suite in that category, is Friday the 13th.

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Fans of the beloved franchise have found themselves at an extreme loss, as an ongoing rights battle between Paramount and New Line Entertainment has kept fans from seeing Jason Voorhees from returning to the screens. Why? Essentially, one studio owns the rights to Jason Voorhees and the other owns the rights to ‘Friday the 13th’.

Now, there is a third player in the mix. Blumhouse Productions would like to take a crack at a Friday the 13th reboot, once they wrap production on their upcoming Halloween. In a recent interview with CinePop, Jason Blum, president, says that the next franchise he’d like to get his hands on is the thriller which features the infamous hockey-masked slasher.

“Besides Halloween? You know, I really wanted to do Friday the 13th. I would love to do that movie. Maybe someday we’ll get do to that one.”

Launched in 1980, the Friday the 13th franchise has produced a total of 12 films. The most recent film, rebooted by Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes in 2009, did extremely well at the box office although failed to produce a sequel. Since then, multiple producers attempted to revive the horror film but never succeeded.

As of now, there’s nothing official. It is merely a dream that Jason Blum would like to happen. Maybe if Blumhouse can work out a deal with Paramount, they can make something happen. Fingers crossed, horror fans.


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