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Bleach Manga Is Back For Series 20th Anniversary!

It feels like it’s been years since we’ve gotten anything substantial on Bleach, the hit manga/anime from Tite Kubo. That makes sense, considering the manga wrapped up a few years ago. Not just that, but the anime ended too before adapting the entire series. The Bleach manga is back though with a brand new chapter to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

At least, it will be soon.

A new report from Japan confirms that a new Bleach Chapter is coming to Shonen Jump in order to celebrate the series 20th anniversary. This is a huge deal, especially since the creator Tite Kubo will be overseeing everything!

This is actually shaping up to be a big year from Bleach. Not only is the manga making a glorious return, but the anime is coming back as well! It was announced some time ago that the Bleach anime would be returning to adapt the final arc. That final arc is titled the Thousand Year Blood War, and it promises to be intense as hell!

For now, it’s just the one chapter but… perhaps it could lead to something else? A spin-off series set in the Bleach universe titled Burn The Witch has come out since its mother series ended, and has been relatively huge. Now that Bleach seems to be coming back in the spotlight, could this new chapter lead to something even bigger?

Other anime series have been enjoying a resurgence thanks to sequel or spin-off series. Naruto has Boruto, and even Inuyasha got a new series when Yashahime: Half-Demon Princess released. Maybe it’s time for Bleach to enjoy the same treatment!

The big anime return has barely gotten any news since its announcement, so fans are hoping the manga chapter comes with some new details on that too! Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll see the anime return before the year ends.

Are you happy the Bleach manga is back for the series 20th anniversary? Let us know in the comments down below!

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