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Black Widow: The Black Widow Post-Credits Scene Possibly Revealed!

Published on June 17th, 2021 | Updated on June 17th, 2021 | By FanFest

Black Widow has been plagued with delay after delay because of the pandemic. It’s been rather unfortunate, since fans have been ever so excited to watch the film, finally. If there’s one thing fans can always speculate on it is the MCU post-credits scenes. Well, the Black Widow post-credits scene is possibly revealed!

Obviously, this is just a rumor so take it with a grain of gunpowder. All of this is courtesy of GiantFreakinRobot and they claim that one of their sources has revealed exactly what the post-credits scene is.

So, based on the very little we know, it seems like the post-credits scene will set up the character’s future. Not Natasha’s obviously. She met a tragic end on Vormir during the events of Avengers: Endgame.

Instead, there will be a new Black Widow, and this will establish exactly what’s going on with her going forward. It will also reveal how the events of the past will impact the new Black Widow as we look towards the future.

This is where things get interesting. We already know that Yelena (Florence Pugh) will be taking over the mantle of Black Widow. We also know she has a role in the upcoming Hawkeye Disney+ series. That’s where these two things converge.

It seems like Yelena will hold Clint responsible for the death of Natasha. It’s easy to see how someone could blame him, even if it isn’t that simple. This will lead to Yelena seeking revenge on Clint the only way she knows how. The way only an assassin can.

We haven’t heard of any plans for bringing Clint Barton back once the Hawkeye series is over. If anything, it sounds like this will be his swan song before Kate Bishop takes over the role completely. Is it possible that Yelena really does succeed in killing him?

With the Black Widow post-credits scene possibly revealed, anything is possible. Will you be seeing Black Widow on day 1? Let us know in the comments below.


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