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Black Widow: Learn More About Taskmaster With Scarlett Johansson And Others!

Black Widow is out by the end of the week! Some people have already been lucky enough to see it, but they’re staying tight-lipped on what happens in the film! You can learn more about Taskmaster now, though thanks to a featurette released by Marvel Studios.

This is great for people who may not be familiar with Taskmaster or his abilities. They don’t really spoil anything in this featurette, and the information is.. lacking, to say the least. Still, it’s cool to see clips of the upcoming film’s villain.

Taskmaster is, reportedly, the weakest part of the film, which is disappointing to hear. It’s doubly disappointing to hear since his ability to copy other people’s fighting styles is cool! If anything let’s hope it makes for some kick-ass action sequences!

Taskmaster is the perfect villain for a Black Widow movie, though. It wouldn’t make much sense to see him go up against someone like Thor or The Hulk. Black Widow though? That’s the perfect matchup to make an exciting movie! It seems like Cate Shortland, the director agrees. She was happy to have a formidable villain for Natasha to fight against.

 Scarlett Johansson talks about how outmatched Natasha is when she first encounters Taskmaster. “As soon as Natasha starts to experience the Taskmaster’s fighting style… She’s at a loss.” she says in the featurette above.

David Harbour and Rachel Weisz also comment on Taskmaster in the featurette, so make sure you take it out. There’s one thing NO ONE is talking about though, and that’s Taskmaster’s identity. Obviously, we know who he is in the comics but nothing has been said about his identity in the MCU!

Maybe it’ll be someone completely different! That would be pretty exciting!

Did you learn more about Taskmaster from the above video? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to check out Black Widow on July 9!




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